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Material for strengthening young people's skills for coping with adversity

FightBack Pedagogy

Turku, Finland
The FightBack material is targeted especially at high schoolers from fifteen years old. It seeks to build young people's self-confidence and grow a mindset that is needed for overcoming adversity.

What is it all about?

“I remember thinking in the hospital bed that I should have run a marathon when I was in good shape. I would have been able to do it then. I can’t do anything anymore, I thought at first. Then I thought about it again. I paused for a moment and saw that hey, my toes move. And since my toes move, I will somehow learn to run one day.”

Pekka Hyysalo

Everyone encounters adversities of different magnitude in life. FightBack pedagogy helps students to find ways to face and deal with difficulties. FightBack helps young people become aware of the good things they can be grateful for in life, to take responsibility for their lives and help others. This will help teach young people the joy of working together.

FightBack's goal is to help young people identify their strengths and resources and strengthen the skills they need to tackle difficulties. FightBack skills include, among other things, a positive attitude, persistence, perseverance, hopefulness and resourcefulness. Students practice these skills by becoming aware of them, observing them, using them and through repetition.

In addition to these skills, a healthy and regular lifestyle is also important with good nutrition, sufficient and high quality sleep, and effective relaxation. However, this material mainly focuses on emotional resources and strengths.

The FightBack material has been put together so that young people have room for contemplating, recognising and discussing key themes together. FightBack pedagogy is based on Pekka Hyysalo's recovery from a serious downhill skiing accident. FightBack is a survival story about the power of perseverance.

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Innovation Overview
13 - 18
Age Group
Tips for implementation
The FightBack material. Available for purchase shortly.
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HundrED Review

With the help of positive psychology FightBack has transformed a survival story into material that can benefit all young people.


Students have the tools for handling and overcoming adversity.


The material can be used in several subjects, is easily accessible, and the skills that are subsequently built are necessary and helpful for all children.


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Introduction to Pekka Hyysalo's story
Pekka Hyysalo’s story is an example of how major adversities can seem too overwhelming to overcome. This story is the foundation of the FightBack method.
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Get your FightBack material
The material includes, among other things, the theoretical basis for how perseverance, resilience, and the role of a positive attitude can help to overcome difficult situations.
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Using the FightBack material
Decide which classes you will use the material in and how much of it you will go through.
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