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Educating Educators for the Future

Professional development for educators navigating the current state and future of education.

The change from in-school to online and remote learning has been quick, drastic and unprecedented in the world of education. We have seen the educator community come together by sharing resources, expertise and tips to make this transition as simple and easy as possible. The following practices engage educators to learn, connect & adapt to the current and future needs of their students.

Covid-19 solutions


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Quality Education for all during Covid-19





April 2020

About the innovation

How are educators preparing for the current and future of education?

The education landscape has experienced a shift in relation to mindset, priorities, physical & social learning, connectivity, online technology... the list goes on! How are educators being supported through this transition? The following practices are providing educators with the knowledge and confidence they need to try out new tools and activities with their students through distance learning as well as providing educators with the opportunity to learn and explore new ways to teach in the future.

Learning Creative Learning

Learning Creative Learning(LCL) is a free online course and ongoing global community to explore principles and strategies to engage people in creative learning experiences, i.e. working on projects that they are passionate about, in collaboration with peers, within a playful environment that encourages experimentation.


Pop-Up PLNs

Pop-Up PLNs (Professional Learning Networks) are engaging, virtual opportunities for teachers to explore new technologies and teaching practices while connecting with other educators, all from the convenience of their living rooms! Pop-Up PLNs provide teachers an opportunity to continue their professional growth during a period of mass school interruption. The AIU's transformED has teamed up with an array of partners to facilitate virtual PD in the format of 45-minute sessions, held at 11:00 and 3:00 EST each day, open to all educators worldwide. By design, Pop-Up PLNs are interactive and empower teachers to share tips and tricks whiled exploring a new digital tool, from coding with Python to data and storytelling with Earthtime. Pop-up PLN partners include Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center and CREATE Lab,Pittsburgh-based Arts Education Collaborative, Common Sense Education, and micro:bit. During the first week of Pop-Up PLNs, over 500 educators have tuned in from around North America.



Love letters for Computers

Love Letters for Computers is a free resource including a series of videos, resources, classroom materials and a teacher journal that will help you plan how to integrate computer science into your curriculum for children in kindergarten and first years of primary school. It’s built around the philosophy of Hello Ruby: an unplugged, creative and playful approach to introducing computer science.


Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

The importance of professional development for educators remains a priority as education and the concept of school changes. The professional development opportunities provided by these 3 organisations help educators tackle the present needs as well as forge solutions for the future of education.

Spread of the innovation

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