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Learning Creative Learning

An online course and community of educators, designers, and tinkerers exploring creative learning through projects, passion, peers, and play

Learning Creative Learning (LCL) is a free online course and ongoing global community to explore principles and strategies to engage people in creative learning experiences, i.e. working on projects that they are passionate about, in collaboration with peers, within a playful environment that encourages experimentation. http://lcl.media.mit.edu

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March 2020
The best way to cultivate creativity is to support people working on projects based on their passions, in collaboration with peers and in a playful spirit.

About the innovation

Cultivating Creativity through Projects, Passion, Peers, and Play

In the Lifelong Kindergarten research group guided by Professor Mitchel Resnick at MIT Media Lab, we have identified four guiding principles for cultivating creativity: Projects, Passion, Peers, and Play. That is, we need to provide children with opportunities to work on projects, based on their passions, in collaboration with peers, in a playful spirit. We call them "the 4 P's" of Creative Learning.

Learning Creative Learning (LCL) is a free online course designed to explore and share these ideas broadly, supporting a global community of educators to design creative learning experiences in their contexts. The course itself is a model of creative learning, so that participants experience the creative learning process at the same time as they are learning about it. 

The course is organized in six modules, each covering one aspect of the creative learning framework. Each module includes a short video introducing the topic, core reading materials, a hands-on activity, reflection prompts, and extra reading materials for those interested in learning more. People can work through the course materials at their own pace on the website. 

Although LCL is organized and presented as a six-week online course, its ultimate goal is to cultivate an ongoing learning community in support of creative learning around the world. While offering online videos, readings, and hands-on activities, we also invite participants to share their reflections, connect, and discuss with each other through an online forum and weekly video calls. Participants are supported by a volunteer network of community facilitators around the world. 

LCL supports multiple languages. In addition to translating the content on the website, video subtitles, and readings, we also set up language-specific sections in the online forum and created language-based video conference breakout rooms in live events. 

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

The innovation explores principles and strategies to engage people in creative learning experiences through play, collaboration, project-based learning and experimentation. It cultivates creativity with the help of four guiding principles Projects, Passion, Peers, and Play - "the 4 P's". The methodology is easy to understand and replicate, which makes innovation scalable and impactful.

HundrED Academy Reviews
At significant scale both in numbers and reach across countries via the use of digital presence supported by the international reputation of the MIT brand. Appears a low cost approach to supporting creativity in education, clear narrative around the language of creativity and play.
This fantastic programme is clearly having an impact and is already being scaled up as can be seen from the website and discussion comments. The free access to resources, training and tools is fantastic.
- Academy member
Academy review results
High Impact
Low Scalability
High Impact
High Scalability
Low Impact
Low Scalability
Low Impact
High Scalability
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LCL Video Chat
During the course, we organize weekly video calls called LCL Chats, to provide opportunities to discuss the course ideas, meet others face-to-face, and build community. Participants share in a central chat, and then join “breakout rooms” of up to six participants at a time for more focused discussions over a video call. Breakout rooms are supported by community facilitators from around the world, and are typically organized by language. 
[Week 1 Activity] Childhood Objects
As a first activity in LCL, we ask participants to share a picture of a childhood object and to reflect on how that object has influenced the way they think and learn. We love this activity because it encourages participants to bring themselves fully into the experience and reflect on themselves as learners, and it creates personal connections between participants. 
LCL Discussion Forum
The discussion forum is the heart of the LCL community. During the course, participants use it to document their hands-on activities, to share their reflections on the weekly themes, and to engage in meaningful conversations with each other. The forum includes sections in many different languages.
WeScratch - Creative Workshops Online
WeScratch are free online workshops for everyone who wants to learn how to create projects in Scratch – with support, feedback, and encouragement from others online.Every session follows the “Imagine, Create, Share” structure:Imagine: We start with a quick demonstration of things you can make with Scratch, to show possibilities and spark imagination.Create: Then, you work on your own Scratch project, eventually sharing your screen and video-chatting with a facilitator and other participants in small groups.Share: Finally, everyone has the opportunity to share their project. At the end of the session, we’ll spend some time to reflect about the experience and get feedback for next iterations.

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