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Edu Lawn

Excellent Teachers, Contemporary Citizens

What if we can eliminate the problem of too much workload for teachers and headmasters through one single school management system? EduLawn is here for you. We are offering a robust central school management system, built through resilient information systems technologies, that can take off the load from your shoulders.



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Target group
May 2023
We hope to see a more well-established school salary structure within government schools, at least government primary schools in Bangladesh where we are focusing this innovation upon. We also want to see the changes in the fervor of the teachers, in which the teachers can now teach with higher motivation levels. Ultimately, we also want to see that our innovation can bring forth more innovations.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Bangladesh' present government existence tool or system is providing only census and none for teachers management. Government primary school teacher salary structure is also quite poor so the teachers do not seem to be very willing to teach. Even when they try to overcome the lack of eagerness, the teachers get depressed when possible workload is piling up.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Our solution addresses the need for a robust system for schools by "technologizing" some of teachers (and wonderfully also headmasters')' administrative workloads. It does use information technology and the method of gamification so that administrative work is now fun for teachers. Since our system is well-fortified, they will do so without losing on the security aspect. They can now even possibly teach their students some of their few tips in administration so that students can get new skills that can be beneficial for their future.

How has it been spreading?

Our solution has achieved its public introduction stage to government primary school representatives in Bangladesh, and also the Ministry of Secretary and the Deputy Minister. We have a goal of legally establishing the parent company for the innovation in June 2023, that will also act as an umbrella for future innovations. In the next 3 years, we will also introduce this innovation to schools worldwide through conferences and similar meetings so that we can secure more interests and possible collaborations with other education-sector professionals and other edutech companies.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

One, they should reach out to our contact (the founders') so that we can arrange for an introductory session. Two, during this session, we will see and make an informal agreement whether they will continue their interests in our product (if yes, we can arrange for a demo session). Three, assuming that the interests are secured, we will send a representative to schools to do a demo of our product.

Implementation steps

For teachers/govt rep.: Apply to be a Beta Tester
You can contact our representatives to apply as a beta tester for our prototype. We will send you an application form once you express your interest to be a beta-tester to us. You should apply on behalf of your primary school or the primary school that you are representing. We are open for beta-testing once we finish collecting data from schools and finish our prototype.
Receive a Copy from Us
After you apply to be a beta tester and finish your beta-testing period with us, you are automatically added to our list of clients. We will "send" the platform to your school.
For students and teachers: Register on our website
The first step is to visit our website (link will be provided once we are finished with the website) and click "sign up". Submit the necessary information such as your full name, birthdate, school name and region (don't worry, we won't sell your data). Do not forget to submit the code given by us to your school for verification purposes (that your school is a registered user of Edu Lawn). You and your classmates/colleagues who register will be automatically added to our system.
For teachers: Customize!
This is the awesome feature of our Edu Lawn platform. You can select what you need to exist in the platform based on your and your schools' administrative needs, though we are providing you with a default option. For this one, you need to be in consultation with your headmasters.
For students: Go to the "Resources" tab
We are not just a system for management or administrative purposes. We provide you with a lot of resources that you can use for your personal growth as a student and (future) agents of change, mainly materials about climate change, since we are facing a lack of climate education in formal educational institutions. You will find a list of mini courses and links to YouTube videos made by us on any subject material of your choice.

Spread of the innovation

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