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A model for organising peer coaching for teachers’ ICT skills

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location_on Vantaa, Finland
In teacher peer coaching, upper and lower secondary school teachers act as tutors for their community’s teaching staff, providing training, peer support and practical guidance to their colleagues. This model describes how to organize the activity at municipal or school level.
What I’ve found to be particularly valuable is you actually see the reality teachers live in with hardware and software, as well as their ICT competence.

- Heli Luokkamäki, Project Manager


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Updated on May 17th, 2022
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What is it all about?

Teachers' professional skillsets require constant updating due to the changing world around us. Teachers are the ones who teach students how to face the changing world. They are the ones who are required to learn new things so that they can use them in class.

Digitalization is a rapidly evolving phenomenon affecting people and their environment. A world with more and more technology requires teachers to become familiar with ICT, adopt it and develop their own skills to use it. This is the only way to update teaching to the present day according to requirements and in a pedagogically meaningful way.

Learning new skills requires energy and time, as well as courage. There are also preconceptions towards digital teaching methods and their introduction that it will be difficult and pointless for many teachers. Teachers should be provided with accessible, multi-level training, as well as support in developing their ICT skills and incorporating them into their teaching.

Teacher peer coaching is an excellent way to develop the pedagogical ICT skills of the teaching staff. In teacher peer coaching, ICT skills are taught by other teachers, their peers. These tutors are trained teachers, who have the pedagogical understanding and knowledge of what the challenges and opportunities found in everyday classrooms are. Learning is also easier when the teacher is your peer instead of an outsider who might not understand how classrooms work.

In addition to the actual training, the tutoring teacher will assist teachers in facing unexpected technical problems and provide ideas for using digital tools pedagogically. As a result of sharing ideas and training, a teacher does not have to spend so much time on studying new technologies from scratch.

This innovation shows you how to implement peer coaching both in your local area (e.g. the municipality or school district) and in your school on the more practical level.

The steps include the main stages of getting started and organizing the activity, which can be modified for your area or school. The examples described come from peer coaching in the city of Vantaa.


HundrED Academy Review


The innovation combines peer teaching, user training and support for the use of digital devices in an interesting way.


Information and communication technologies are incorporated into teaching in a genuinely useful way.


The innovation can be used in any school which has ICT resources and the time to put aside for the project.


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Regional level: Assigning a coordinator
At the regional level it’s good to have an individual person coordinating the activities.
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Regional level: Recruiting the tutors
It’s best to have more than one teacher acting as a tutor, to make it easier for the teachers to network, share knowledge and get support from other tutors.
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Regional level: Planning the work
When planning the work, it’s best to consider when the tutor will actually be at work.
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Regional Level: Planning lessons
After appointing a coordinator and recruiting the tutors, the planning phase begins.
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Regional level: Acquisition of equipment for self-study
Provide tutors with devices for self-study and tutoring.
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Regional Level: Communication
Both schools and individual teachers should be informed as extensively as possible, so people know about the tutoring and can take advantage of it.
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