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LEAD Academy

Inspiring knowledge, Educating minds.

LEAD ACADEMY is an online Edu platform that supplements the full learning lifecycle of an individual, from K1 to worklife. We provide K1-K12 coding programs for future skills and 4IR, in-demand MOOC courses to bridge industry gaps, nano degrees and university admission prep. In collaboration with a2i, we are the first in the region to offer inclusive education for persons with disabilities.

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June 2023
Our aim is to change the total ecosystem of learning, from school to professional education. We want to revolutionize JIT & Just in need in our education system towards a more AI based blended education format. We are transforming the generation in 2 areas: the school students through STEM education & coding & the university students & job seekers through nano degrees & industry-specific courses.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

There is currently no quality live Coding program in the country for young learners towards 4IR/future demand skills. They are limited to common course categories like IT related courses not based on industry skills expectations, and learners’ dynamic profile and data are not maintained for continuous learning. There is also no local online learning platform for students with special needs.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Over 18 million primary school students will be joining the workforce in 10 years. We are providing live online classes on ICT and coding to this massive K1-K12 segment. We have over 2500 students currently.
Based on our extensive market research with industry leaders and academics, we are offering industry demanded skills courses to make learners more marketable and industry ready, facilitating JIT education & CPD through nano degrees via online courses & proprietary curriculum. We maintain Learners dynamic profile with skills mapping for future job market & recruitment. Our courses have created employment scopes for 187 students till now. We are the first Bangladeshi platform to introduce online learning catering to special needs. Our Multimedia Talking Book developed with a2i are DAISY standard accessible, printed & digital braille books of national curriculum for grade 1-10. We have converted 33 primary & 72 secondary school textbooks for students with print & visual disabilities.

How has it been spreading?

- 2,850,313 page reach
- Ranked in the top 4 among local EdTech competitors in Meta’s business data.
- Community level engagement via our LEAD talks, we have shared over 75 unique inspirational stories
- Government promoting our coding program in public schools at a district level

Since we have a strong standing at the professional development level, our target is to move ahead in job matchmaking using a AI based job portal - matching opportunities with the right verified skill sets.
We would also like dissemination at a district level of our coding program, as an after school program in every government school, in alignment with the digital classroom initiative of the government of Bangladesh, and to develop a full disabled friendly curriculum.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

All our services are easily accessible from our website. Start learning by signing-up. For anyone interested in publishing their course, can open an instructor account and create their course; for support required to record video lessons, they can contact us at: Our LMS is a plug & play service that any organisation can white label via customised packages upon discussion.

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

LEAD Academy employs an innovative and effective educational approach that has the potential to make a significant impact on the learning outcomes of students.

Its extensive reach, community engagement, word-of-mouth promotion, government support, focus on job matching, penetration at the district level, and commitment to developing a disabled-friendly curriculum all exemplify its high scalability

- Academy member
Academy review results
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Implementation steps

Become our Learner
Sign in as a learner and create your dynamic profile.
Subscribe and get access to unlimited watch time and other exciting features.
Interact with your instructors, take notes, enjoy interactive content, and advanced features like active white board technology.
Share your projects, join in live discussions, webinars, participate in blogs & forums.
Become our Instructor
Sign in as an instructor and create your dynamic profile.
Develop courses with us or share your own courses.
Use our professional multimedia studio or smart classroom to record your course.
Schedule live online classes.
Add adaptive quizzes & resources.
The course will be published after approval from our Quality Assurance Cell & Review Team as per international standards.
Share your projects, interact with our students and track progress, participate in live discussion forums and blogs.
LMS: white labelling service
Create your customised package based on your requirements.
Single sign on to personalised sub domain.
Choose from a range of learning formats: recorded video lessons, quizzes for assessment, live online classes and interactive lessons.
Powerful analytics and reporting tools, enabling your organization to track learner progress, performance & engagement.
Assign customised e-certificates to your learners upon completion of course/ training.
You can also co-create courses/ training programs with us

Spread of the innovation

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