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A powerful classroom approach ensuring confident speakers, fearless writers and deep learners. All ages. All subjects.

Chatta is a method of teaching designed for use by both schools and families. The approach is very powerful for students with additional needs such as autism and dyslexia, for students learning new languages and for young children developing speech. Chatta aims to strengthen creative opportunities for learning and has over 1000 free activities for parents and unique free storytelling software.

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June 2018
Chatta is life-changing. Amazing. I can't believe nobody has come up with this before.

About the innovation

What is Chatta?

Chatta is a simple and powerful pedagogical approach.

It links experiences and subject content with language and memory and leads to rapid progress for pupils of all ages.

Chatta features a digital app, which is used by educators, students, and families in a consistent way, following the clear and simple steps of the Chatta approach.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic Chatta has expanded to over 20 countries, providing daily creative learning activities and free software to thousands of families. Training is online making Chatta rapidly scalable, which is reflected in the large increase in users since the start of the pandemic.

The approach has been used with children aged 1 and above, right through to adults with dementia and young people preparing for job and university interviews.

In one UK city alone, in the last year the percentage of children achieving age-related expectations in speaking has increased from 49 to 83, leading to an expanded roll-out of Chatta for families.

“Talk is the halfway house between speaking and writing. Chatta is a learning superpower.’

Cheryl Bowers, Early Years Advisor, Hull, UK

Chatta is a unique way of learning through experiences, images and language. It is used to support teaching and learning and leads to strong outcomes in spoken communication, writing, memory. Chatta unlocks creativity like nothing else.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

Chatta's research study conducted in 2015, noted an improvement in language development, communication, and speech & language skills. Chatta is frequently used by practitioners to support children with speech and language difficulties, autism, hearing impairments, and emotional difficulties.

HundrED Academy Reviews

The overall support, resources, curriculum, training that Chatta provides is quite remarkable. I think this unique pedagogical approach helps in improving the students literacy outcomes and addresses their learning needs.

The innovation has proven working model and has already brought an impact on many students from early ages to youths and adults.

- Academy member
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High Impact
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Implementation steps

How to get started

Chatta is available for:

Parents, Childminders, Nurseries/Kindergartens, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Adults

Spread of the innovation

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