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Lifelong learning through theatre and play


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The Seenaryo Playkit is a phone app and training which allows teachers of 3 - 8 year olds to deliver their curriculum through play. It contains hundreds of games, songs and stories, all linked to curriculum topics. It was initially developed in response to the Syrian refugee crisis, and has reached over 1000 teachers and 25,000 children in Lebanon and Jordan.
Maria del Sol Prieto Bayona, Deputy Project Director, Ahlan Simsim at IRC
For the IRC’s pre-school program in Lebanon, the Playkit was a transformative experience. Our teachers were truly engaged and enthusiastic about how it enriched their practice and classrooms with play

Maria del Sol Prieto Bayona, Deputy Project Director, Ahlan Simsim at IRC


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Updated on May 23rd, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

In 2017 we ran a needs analysis with the IRC, Caritas and Ana Aqra, all of whom work in refugee early years education. We found low levels of child-centred learning, low inclusivity for lower abilities and behaviour management problems - these are all issues backed up by government review (in the RACE & LCRP strategies). We designed the Playkit as a cost-effective solution to these problems.

How does your innovation work in practice?

The Playkit app gives teachers access to hundreds of classroom games, interactive stories, songs and classroom management ideas, all searchable by curriculum topic. The app hosts how-to videos, music tracks, printable flashcards and simple instructions - and all content is in Arabic and English. The Playkit is usually delivered with a 3-day, in-person training.

We aim to improve teacher's child-centred delivery, inclusivity and behaviour management, boosting life skills in their children. We continually evaluate our impact - here are figures from last year:

- 94% of teachers find it easier to include all children (47% found it a challenge before)
- 86% agree behaviour management is easier (66% said it was a major challenge before)
- 92% of teachers use Seenaryo songs every day (when only 51% used songs at all before)
- 86% agree children's learning has improved

"Mouaz was destructive at school and home... through engaging with these activities, he knows how to regulate".

How has it been spreading?

Our clients are NGOs (e.g. IRC, World Vision), public and private schools. Most clients pay while we subsidise others with grant funding. The Playkit has been delivered to over 1000 teachers, in turn reaching 25,000 children.

During COVID-19, Terre Des Hommes, War Child and AVSI commissioned us to adapt the Playkit: we created caregiver-led video lessons, delivered via WhatsApp. It's reached 9,500 children, with 93% of children meeting Ministry milestones in one evaluation of 575 children.

We're one of 140 'Expo Live' winners (from over 6000 applicants) and will feature at Expo Dubai next year. This year we took part on Saving Brains, an accelerator for Early Years interventions. We hope to move into 3 new Arab-region countries in the next 2 years, e.g. Iraq, Syria and the UAE.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Visit, or download the Seenaryo Playkit from the Apple or Google store. You can also email, and follow our social media (Seenary0 on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter).


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Achievements & Awards

May 2021
Playkit on WhatsApp (I Learn From Home) reaches 9,500 children
April 2021
Innovation page created on
February 2021
Saving Brains accelerator
August 2020
Playkit app launched
May 2019
Expo Live winner
December 2017
Playkit Pilot with IRC, Caritas & Ana Aqra

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