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Want to attend exclusive seminars for teachers on current global changes?

Campus Seminars

Marker Helsinki, Finland
Expert-led talks designed to equip teachers with knowledge on a multitude of changes affecting the world today, from climate change and global health to robotics and artificial intelligence.

What are Campus Seminars?

“The basic idea of Campus Seminars is really simple: speeches plus streaming equals as a gift to teachers. ”

Saku Tuominen, Creative Director, Campus Seminars

The world outside of school is changing faster than ever. This makes it difficult for teachers to understand what the world will look like when their students graduate. The less educators understand these changes, the more difficult it is to be excited and optimistic about the future. 

The mission of Campus Seminars is to bring together the best experts in a wide range of fields, such as climate change, global health and artificial intelligence, to explain to teachers what changes are happening in these areas. Through equipping educators with this knowledge, Campus Seminars aim to inspire teachers to get excited about current global changes. 

Educators can attend seminars in person or stream the talks online. This makes the seminars accessible to an even wider audience. Every school and every teacher in the country where each seminar takes place can watch the talks live and they remain online for future use. Collaboration between teachers from many different schools is also fostered through the seminars.

Teachers can take the knowledge gained at Campus Seminars back to their schools and ensure that students' learning experiences are relevant to current global trends. Change must become a key theme in schools so that teachers and students can embrace it with excitement and see it as an empowering opportunity.

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Intended Outcomes
Target Group
Resources Needed
A space equipped with a projector is needed in which the seminar can take place. An event organiser and sponsors are crucial to manage and fund each event. Campus Seminars offer remote access through online streaming. Teachers wishing to make use of this will need access to the internet.
HundrED Criteria
Campus Seminars equip teachers with in-depth knowledge of big global changes outside the classroom, helping to ensure that education keeps pace with our rapidly changing world.
To date, Campus Seminars have run talks for educators on a range of exciting subjects, such as the future of healthcare, the world of programming and the work towards curing cancer.
Campus Seminars can be run anywhere around the world. Events can be tailored to any number of different contexts to make them as useful as possible to the educators attending.

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Hello! It's my question: When will you start?
Ivan Suvorov
Growth Mindset in Schools - Heidi Grant Halvorson | Campus Helsinki 2014
The Coming Revolution in the Health Care - Luke Disney
Undivided Attention - Taylor Mali
The Journey From Refugee to Presidential Candidate - Fadumo Dayib
This is Campus Seminar
Campus Seminar Helsinki 2016
Campus Seminar Helsinki 2016


Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Get in touch
Anyone interested in organising a seminar in their area is very welcome to get in touch with Campus Seminars.
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Obtain sponsorship
Campus Seminars are always free of charge for the teachers attending, as the costs are paid by sponsors.
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Book great speakers
Choose a topic and find the best people to talk about it!
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Invite educators
Teachers from across the whole country where the event is being held can attend in person (free of charge) or stream the talks online.
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Discuss, collaborate and share
The most important part is for all attendees to engage with the discussions and get excited about change.
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Lasse Leponiemi
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