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Learning Arches

Create a platform for reflective and courageous practice and Pedagogical rewiring!

A Visual method for creative defining, designing, delivering and discovering learning experiences and journeys that unfold and build ownership, craft, talent and mastery whilst sustaining the flow, transparency, challenge and impact.


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January 2021
It’s an action-packed sequence of “learning by doing;” with a bit of mystery. Linked by compelling narrative; stuffed full of real-world puzzles, challenges and dilemmas and lessons learned, landed!

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The learning arches emerged as I sought to make sense of the Kaospilot’s transformational 3 year program as I developed their new curriculum. I needed to understand and make explicit, the tacit nature of the intense emotional learning culture that had evolved over 15 years and learn how the learning journey was defined, designed, delivered and measured.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Simple, visualise your learning, group and nest your content visually and focus on how to unfold Connection, conditions, context, content, craft, character and confidence, whilst setting holding and landing the learning arches, experiences and spaces through an act, learn, adapt and repeat learning style. It brings linear curriculum and programmes alive, opening them up for increased meaning, autonomy, risk and creativity, whilst deepening the learning of skills, knowledge, attitudes and values through balancing action, theory and reflection.
There are 4 steps in Learning arch design: 'Defining the known and unknown (hidden curriculum) content; Designing how the learning journey unfolds from micro to macro levels as the complexity and ambition increases; Deliver, lead and host the learning journey and space for inclusion and transparency to create ownership and engagement while the teacher leaves the stage to become a mentor. Discover, as you go along to make incremental adjustments.

How has it been spreading?

Through a group of international trainers we have trained approx. 5000 teachers from 41 countries in 7 different languages. And now, with covid, we have taken the time to compliment the sharing and practice by introducing a low cost LAD (learning arch design) bootcamp to share the Kaospilot' 30 years of transformational high touch learning into a no-touch and hybrid, low tech learning. Its success is due to its simplicity and naturally, even unconsciously, it’s support for the way a lot of educators, teachers and learning designers already think.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

You can read any of the articles or download the free e:book. Download the free learning design app for tablets or desktop for LAD from the top down or bottom up and build curriculum and learning objectives on the fly. You could sign up for the LAD bootcamp to get a flavour and see if its for you, and then continue through the programmes, to support your pedagogical and system change ambition.

Spread of the innovation

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