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Applied Art of Life:Children education subject of 【STEAM】

[Applied Art of Life] empower children to nurture the sense of aesthetics and brings hope to them.

FunMeiker's educational approach is inspired by Architecture education for children. We aim to develop learning methodologies and approaches that is contextualised for Taiwan and the asia region, so as to promote interdisciplinary learning and nurture the sense of aesthetics. Our programs aims to facilitate children to develop the mindset of problem solving, life-long learning and adaptability.



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Target group
September 2023
To help children grow in an educational environment, the school can provide a variety of educational methods to develop children's unique talents. We hope to see the smiles and confidence of the children in the learning process, learn to face the ever-changing world environment, develop their unique talents, have the courage and ability to solve problems, and maintain faith and curiosity.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Facing the rapid changes in the world, the reform of changing memorization and examination as the main educational method will bring more happiness and hope to the next generation.
The impact of the epidemic on children's education around the world is huge. Taiwan, which is in Asia, is also undergoing drastic changes. It is an urgent crisis to guide children to learn design-thinking.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

We have established a foundation for the development of innovative education, bringing together achievers in professional industries related to life application design, and jointly provide teaching materials and tools related to design education for the teaching system of public primary and secondary schools, and cooperate with local government education units to plan Next, we hold teacher training workshops and cooperate with school teachers in teaching. In the past few years, we have demonstrated and operated experimental courses in several public schools in Taiwan, and held exhibitions of course results.
We cooperate with children's architectural education institutions in the United States and Singapore to develop teaching methods suitable for local use in Taiwan. First, we help public school teachers use them in teaching courses, especially visual art courses, and gradually use "STEAM" Interdisciplinary discipline development is the goal.

How has it been spreading?

In 2019 (before the outbreak of the global epidemic), after winning the recognition of the World Innovation Education Award, we received more attention and resources, and our work gradually expanded to more educational units and schools. Through several speeches , more workshops, and larger innovative education cooperation programs, more and more partners and school teachers are joining us. In 2021 and 2022, 6 public primary and secondary schools have joined the cooperation program and completed several lectures and work Workshops, teacher training courses, more than 400 collaborative demonstration courses, more than hundreds of teachers and students participated, and continue to spread.We plan for the future,continue to cooperate with the advancement of Taiwan's education policy.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We are working on developing the infrastructure of the organization. We hope that in the future, we will be able to provide our innovative course materials to all institutions or teachers in need through the Internet platform for free. This is still a hard work for us. Work in progress, currently available through our Facebook fan page, we can see the video we filmed for the lab class.

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

FunMeiker uses a collaborative teaching mode that enables professionals of different talents to collaborate (uniting different domains). The 6 phases to learning and 6 core competencies involve collaboration and communication skills.

FunMeiker玩美客 has a clear and systematic framework which combines arts education, experiential learning and architecture. It demonstrates good use of space to engage children in making and creating.

- Academy member

Implementation steps

Summer and Winter Camp
We Debut Summer Architecture Camp in 2017 created opportunities for children to learn about the diverse roles that are in a construction process. They get to play roles such as an architectural designer, carpenter and brick layers. Learning to build a small shed as a team of four builders. Construction mentors lead and guided the team to observe and develop their sensitivity to make sense of what are the requirements of creating the structure, walls and entrances and window of a small shed.
After school Activity
In addition to camp activities during winter and summer vacations, club activities can be established during school breaks to provide children with novel game courses every week: "food" wild petal table, "clothes" plant dyed cloth and fashion design, "living" Survival hut construction, "walking" mechanism design games, and through group competitions, in the process of completing tasks, learn the ability to solve problems with creativity, teamwork, and independent learning.
School Education Partnership Program
Apply for the curriculum cooperation plan with the school, invite professionals in the workplace and school teachers to jointly design and prepare courses, and collaborate in teaching, so that the full-time teachers of the school can participate in the development of innovation together, invite parents to participate in understanding, and provide more resource assistance.
Cooperation with local government education office
When the teaching results of a school gradually attract attention, there will be more preparations and foundations, and you can seek innovative education cooperation plans from local government education departments, and through teacher training, lectures, educational seminars, and workshops, let More public schools and teachers can join cooperative or experimental projects, gradually build teaching materials tools that can be diffused and developed, coordinate teaching modules.

Spread of the innovation

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