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News Literacy Project

Giving facts a fighting chance.

As part of a comprehensive effort to combat misinformation about COVID-19 and the new strain of coronavirus that causes it, NLP created a resource page to provide accurate information about the pandemic and free resources to educators and the general public.

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March 2020

About the innovation

Get smart about COVID-19 misinformation

The News Literacy Projectempowers educators to teach students the skills they need to become smart, active consumers of news and other information and engaged, informed participants in civic life. During the Coronavirus pandemic, they are tackling thespread of misinformation by providing resources, tools & quizzes for students, teachers and parents alike.For more information check out their website:

Are you news literate?

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Resources, tools & more

We will be refreshing the content throughout the epidemic and plan to include links to authoritative sources of information, along with free resources for educators, students and the public, such as downloadable charts and graphics for navigating misinformation. Visitors will also find tips, tools and quizzes to build news literacy skills that will last long after this public health crisis abates. Content will be updated and resources will be added periodically.

“We hope these efforts will support educators by providing them with distance-learning resources that equip students with the ability to debunk harmful misinformation, both in general and about this virus,” said Alan C. Miller, founder and CEO of the News Literacy Project. “It’s critical that students understand the vital importance of verified information, especially during a time of crisis.”

Want to help others avoid COVID-19? Don’t share misinformation!

Misleading video, false cures swirl around COVID-19

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

With the influx of information surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, it is difficult to differentiate fact from fiction and reliable source from non-reliable source. The spread of misinformation can have serious consequences, causing an increase of fear and anxiety. NLP is providing students, teachers and parents with trusted resources and tools to stop the spread of misinformation.

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