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Want to inspire and support a generation of future environmentalists?

Green Educator Course

Marker Bali, Indonesia
Green school is committed to teaching sustainability in a holistic and student centered way. The Educator Course creates a global network of educators inspired to work towards these goals.

What is the Green Educator Course?

Sanne van Oort
“Most stimulating, heartening, and purifying experience, one that echoes with Balinese culture. The Green Educator Course was conducted with heartfelt care and gentleness, down to every single detail. The staff was full of humility, openness, and passion for life...In those five days, I lived the secret of Green School.”

Annie (Alumni from Hong Kong)

Lessons relating to environmentalism and sustainability are found in many classrooms worldwide. Yet despite being a significant issue of the 21st century, sustainability rarely takes a significant role in school learning. Furthermore, few professional development opportunities for teachers mean that they lack the skills to teach sustainability in their classrooms.

Green School Bali is committed to teaching environmental stability. Since 2013, Green School has offered its Green Educator Course where teachers from around the world learn with and from Green School teachers, as well as local and international experts. Attendees leave with a new toolbox of innovative teaching strategies and resources they go on to implement in their own teaching.  

This unique course focuses on making schools and teaching more sustainable and holistic. Courses are facilitated by teachers, parents, students, and international experts. The course uses nature, interactive workshops, collaborative projects, and other activities to immerse participants in a cultural experience. Atendees also keep reflective journals during the experience. 

The Green Educator Course works on the basis of a Whole School Sustainability Framework focusing on campus, curriculum, organization, and culture. Attendees explore different activities and models of sustainability, how to plan and implement this in school, and learn the pedagogy behind the approach. Educators are encouraged to open classrooms and timetables to connect more with students and communities. 

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Target Group
Resources Needed
The Green School Educators Course can be taken by a single person or a group of teachers. The flexible course ranges from 3-7 days. Price is based on course length and whether you are a local or international participant. Local teachers are sponsored to attend for a lower price.
HundrED Criteria
The course brings people together and focuses on balancing spirituality, mindfulness, and networking. People are excited to connect and bond with colleagues in a meaningful way.
The course offers a stimulating, heartening, and purifying experience that echoes with the Balinese culture. Attendees leave with a new toolbox of innovative teaching strategies and resources they go on to implement in their own teaching.
The course is offered in English while it also runs twice a year in Indonesia for local teachers. Attendees from over 25 countries have participated.

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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Develop a theme
Come up with a theme connected to Education for Sustainability to focus on for 5 days.
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Engage Educator Participants
Look for interesting activities in the school that are connected to this theme to engage Educator Participants.
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Connect within the School
Participants become active learners through hands-on activities with community members such as students, parents, and administration.
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Connect with the Community
Connect activities in the school to activities happening outside of the school. For example, natural walks or cultural events.
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Design a Curriculum
Focus on holistic learning and design a curriculum of the week around intellectual, socio-emotional, kinesthetic, and intrapersonal goals.
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Connect with Nature
Find a venue to stay as a group close to school, preferably in nature.
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