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Go! Global | ESD Expert Net

A virtual exchange program of sustainable action in schools in Germany, India, Mexico and South Africa... and maybe more!

It isn't enough to just talk to learners about sustainability, so let's guide them to discover themselves how to act more sustainably alongside learners from around the world!



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July 2018
Facilitating learners the opportunity of sharing perspectives with their peers at a global level (virtually as the most sustainable alternative at the moment), it increases enormously the chances of developing ourselves as a more peaceful and sustainable global society.

About the innovation

Go! Global

“Go! Global“ is a virtual school exchange program which gives learners the possibility to share their experiences and thoughts on different topics beyond national borders. The program is primarily in schools inGermany, India, Mexico and South Africa but with a the opportunity to scale to schools worldwide through an online, virtual channel of communication.

Learners sustainable actions, grounded in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are shared with peers across the world, ror example school gardening and food production, or waste disposal and recycling. These topics are common everywhere and concern everyone, irrespective of their country of origin.

Through virtual exchange lerners not only explore commonalities and differences on a global level, but also learn to recognize and analyze global connections, share their experiences with each other and gain new thought-provoking-ideas for their own behavior and actions at a local level.

Impact & scalability

Implementation steps

Have a look at the Go! Global Do it Yourself Manual

The Manual has been designed in form of an interactive mind map called "#OrganicLearningresource", so it can be explored in a flexible and intuitive way. Multipliers, who want to pass on the principle of Go! Global, will learn organically how to do a virtual exchange with their students in a Go! Global style.

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