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1.11.2018 |

Sustainability Spotlight with MUSE School Launches Today

After nine months of research, we’re ready to celebrate the ten selected innovations at the Sustainability Summit, which launches this evening at MUSE School.

We’ve teamed up with MUSE School, California, to shine a spotlight on evidence-based and scalable innovations with the potential to increase sustainability in schools across the globe.

After nine months of research, we’re ready to celebrate the ten selected innovations at the Sustainability Summit, which launches this evening at MUSE School, a high-performance learning lab with a mission to inspire and prepare young people to live consciously with themselves, one another, and the planet.

The launch event kicks off with a welcome from MUSE co-founder Rebecca Amis and a keynote from Suzy Amis Cameron, MUSE co-founder, author of One Meal A Day, and founder of the OMD Movement. California’s State Senator Henry Stern, an environmental activist and health advocate, will also give an address.

The program for Friday and Saturday is packed with speakers including Elliot Washor of Big Picture Learning, and Dr. Reese Halter, Scientist, Journalist and Author of Shepherding the Sea: the Race to Save our Oceans. Plus, there will be fireside discussions with Tracey Winey and John Howe, co-founders of Engineering Brightness, Kelly Meyer from Teaching Gardens, and Laura Hickey of Eco-Schools.

We're also thrilled to release our report on Sustainability in Education, available for download here. Natalie Day, HundrED Sustainability Spotlight Researcher, will share key findings at the summit tomorrow.  

“Sustainability in education can take on many forms, and this research process has unearthed a variety of innovations that echo the MUSE ethic: facilitating our young people to contribute to, and take action for, sustainable development to live consciously with the planet,” Natalie explains.

The selected innovations originate from nine countries and cover a range of themes within sustainability. One shining example is Engineering Brightness from Colorado, United States, which empowers students to be part of an eco-friendly solution to the issue of unreliable electricity, a problem which affects 1.3 billion people globally. Through creating and distributing solar-powered, 3D designed lanterns, students also gain confidence in engineering, electronics, and philanthropy. Information on all of the selected innovations, including compelling new videos, can be found on the Sustainability Spotlight page.

“What the world desperately needs is evidence-based and scalable education innovations in this field. Luckily there are forerunners who have been working on this area for years. Our mission is to put a spotlight on them,” said Saku Tuominen, founder of HundrED. “We express our sincere gratitude, encouragement, and enthusiasm to these innovators and the many individuals and organizations around the world who are dedicated to this common goal.”

Watch this space for more updates on the Sustainability Spotlight Summit!