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HundrED Open

Explore innovations submitted by the public or upload your own to automatically be considered for next year's 100 Global Innovations.

Sharing your innovation is free

Do you have an innovative approach to education that the world should know about?

HundrED Open, as the name suggests, is the totally open part of our platform. Anyone is welcome to submit their innovative idea, approach or product here and all completed applications will be automatically considered for our next annual collection of 100 Inspiring Innovations.

We are looking for innovative ideas and practices in education which adhere to the following search criteria:

1. Innovativeness: It must provide a valuable improvement to education.

2. Impactful: It must've been established for at least a year with demonstrable evidence.

3. Scalability: It must be adaptable and able to work in more than one place, so that it can be used in schools in other areas, and you must be committed to help it spread.

Only fully completed applications will be considered. These applications will then be invited to an online interview, after which successful applications will be assessed by our expert Academy. Selected innovations will be notified in August and publically announced at our Summit event in November.

For help on how to fill in your application, check out the project pages of our 100 Inspiring Innovations from last year to see how it's done or read-up on our inside tips from our research team.

Please note that applications close June 30th each year, after which your innovation will not be considered for that year's list but will be considered for the following year instead.

We look forward to finding out about the amazing things you're doing in education!

Share your innovation

Discover innovations

Discovery Day - Learning in Nature
Our youngest students spend one day per week learning out in nature. Broadly based on the Danish Forest Schools approach, children play in the outdoors, learn how to ...
TeachPitch is a platform that helps to resolve the problem of information abundance for teachers on a global scale through the process of curation, artificial intellig...
The school of the future
We have created a real virtual school which can substitute any school or university or can be used as a platform for online tutoring. On our platform teacher can crea...
The Literacy Pirates
The Literacy Pirates is an after-school, year-long learning programme devised and led by teachers. During the weekly session children aged 9 to 12 years old work to im...
childrens learning, Literacy, Perseverance, Resilience, Self-confidence, Strengths-based
Hundred 2019
Dream Life Skills Assessment Scale - Dream a Dream
The Dream Life Skills Assessment Scale (DLSAS) has been developed by Dr. David Pearson & Dr. Fiona Kennedy. Their immense work has resulted in a paper co-authored by t...
21st Century Skills, Life skills, Social Emotional Learning
1 197 views
Tackling Tables
Tables and the inverse are learnt through playing cards. Motivation comes from regular 'Beat your best tests'. and whole school recognition. This is a fun resource wh...
Think, Pair and Share with Mindfulness (TPSM)
Students use quick mindfulness & yoga techniques integrated with "Think, Pair and Share" learning strategy to work together to solve a problem or answer a question. Th...
Collaborative Learning, Compassionate Collaboration, Mindfulness Integration
The Fifth Wall
In low-income communities, project-based learning can be applied to uplift youth as young leaders and provide them with the knowledge to solve real-world problems affe...
Rural and Distance Education, Rural education, Secondary School, Youth Empowerment, Youth Initiatives, Youth-led Innovation
Let's figure out together
a platform, where teachers can address professional issues that concern them, or address professional issues facing their daily work by referring to a multidisciplinar...
Hundred 2019
LEMA - Literacy Education and Math Lab-
There is ample evidence that suggests that students who do not make good initial progress in learning to read, find it increasingly difficult to master the process. LE...
An innovative resource enhancing learning and physical activity levels with interactive mobile technology. English and science games encourage pupils to explore their...
Mindful Reading Comprehension Techniques
Reading comprehension can be challenging for kids with learning and attention issues. Kids need to master many key skills to fully understand any text. Applying Mindf...
ADHD-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, All Inclusive Education, Improve Critical Thinking, Improved Reading Comprehension, Mindfulness, Yoga Integration