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Case Studies

case studies
The new HundrED Implementation Centre for Education Innovation focuses on the scaling of innovations
Launched on February 15th, the HundrED Implementation Centre for Education Innovations supports education leaders and innovators as they implement innovations at scale.
case studies
Report Says Formative Assessment is Critical to Improving the Quality of Education Globally
The Jacobs Foundation and Finnish education organisation HundrED have released a new report highlighting 14 formative assessment solutions that support teaching and learning. The report finds that fo
case studies
New report calls on policymakers to put social & emotional learning in the school curricula
The LEGO Foundation and Finnish education organisation HundrED have released a new report offering policymakers 8 tips on how to incorporate social & emotional learning into the national curriculum an
10.5.2022 Mariah O'Mara
case studies
Our Teachers for a Changing World Spotlight with the World Bank Closes with Record Breaking Results
The submission period for our HundrED Teachers for a Changing World Spotlight closed last month with 435 innovation applications - our most ever for a Spotlight collection! The Spotlight was created
25.4.2021 Mariah O'Mara
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HundrED Partners With The Qatar Foundation To Highlight Innovative Practices Happening In Their Region
HundrED Spotlights create unique opportunities for both educational professionals and partner organisers of the Spotlight to gain a thorough insight into the education innovations taking place in eith
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The Swedish Cultural Foundation: Highlighting Swedish in Finland
Finland is an official bilingual country with two national languages, Finnish (majority) and Swedish (minority). Swedish and Finnish speakers have equal legal status in the constitutional act of the c
regional case studies
HundrED Recognises The City Of Helsinki As A Forerunner In The Field Of Education
The city of Helsinki is proud to be the first HundrED Forerunner. As the world around us has become more complex, new and versatile skills are required in order to thrive. HundrED Forerunner identifie
4.11.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan
regional case studies
Organisation Coalition: Emerging good practice of digital transformation at Swiss schools
HundrED announces its Spotlight on Digital Transformation in Switzerland in partnership with We Are Play Lab Foundation, Gebert Rüf Stiftung, Jacobs Foundation, Mercator Stiftung Schweiz, and digitals
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MUSE School: Teaching, applying and advocating sustainability in schools is crucial
We are thrilled to partner with HundrED who shares in our mission to support and share education innovations that will teach our youth how to be healthier and to live in a more environmentally friendl
regional case studies
Atlassian Foundation: we’re committed to improving lives through education
The Atlassian Foundation was established by Atlassian with the vision of helping to make the world better. The Atlassian Foundation focuses upon two areas: education of disadvantaged…
regional case studies
OP Group: Community aspect of HundrED is remarkable
With a role in promoting community, OP is eager to be involved in the development of society in Finland. At OP we understand the meaningful role schools and young people have in creating new approache
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Supercell: Education is the foundation for well-functioning society
Supercell decided to take part in HundrED because education is something that is very close to our hearts - not just the leadership team’s, but also our employees’. From the many projects we have com