OP Group: Community aspect of HundrED is remarkable



Finland is still considered a leading country in education, however the education system must be pushed to the next level. This requires the courage to think and to take action in bold new ways. With a role in promoting community, OP is eager to be involved in the development of society in Finland. At OP we understand the meaningful role schools and young people have in creating new approaches and innovations.

HundrED is a fresh and forward take on the development of schools through new learning environments and teaching methods. The sharing of ideas and community aspect of HundrED is remarkable - a significant means to generate success stories.

We hope that through HundrED new and internationally replicable ideas are found and shared to improve the current education system in Finland. The expectation is to maintain our inequity in schools, so that each child has the opportunity to receive world-class schooling.


“Digitalization will have a significant impact on the workforce and schools in the years to come.”

To benefit most from the digitalization that is on-going, the know-how and resources available must be increased, although in many cases this is already happening.

We hope that the experiments that have been chosen, and the ones that are yet to be chosen, for HundrED create innovations and exemplary ways for young people to succeed in life regardless of their backgrounds. I challenge all participants to actively share the many stages of their experiments in a variety of channels through blogging, videos, pictures etc. I also encourage participants to connect with the partners of HundrED - together we can combine our resources and brainstorm new ideas.

“Together we can make it!”

Soineli Jormakka manages the OP partnership with HundrED.