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Smart School Alliance on Closing the Gap Between Urban & Rural Schools in Education
Smart School Alliance is an online and offline community creating equal learning rights for the next generation, inviting top teachers from metropolitan areas to instruct students of outlying islands
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How Broad Class is Scaling Their Impact in Rural Communities
Broad Class - Listen to Learn, Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) program is a distance education program that combines radio broadcast with active learning to improve quality, equity & inclusiveness
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HEI Schools, Setting The Bar For Quality Education In Early Childhood Education
HEI Schools, selected for HundrED 2019 & HundrED 2020 is spreading their playful early childhood education model based on the Finnish early childhood education curriculum to as many children as possib
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Big Picture Learning Philosophy Of "One Student At A Time" Scales To Belize, Kazakstan And Beyond
With 65 schools in the USA, the Big Picture Learning philosophy of "one student at a time" has already seen the idea spread to a number of countries including New Zealand, India, Kazakstan, China, and
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Speed School Enabling 113,000 Children To Get A Second Chance At Education
Since 2011, Luminos Fund's Speed School initiative has worked in partnership with Ethiopian NGOs to enable 113,000 children to get a second chance at education. We reached out to the innovators behind
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Roots Of Empathy Increasing Levels of Connection For Over A Million Children Around The World
Roots of Empathy has been recognised as one of the leading innovations in education as part of the HundrED 2019 & HundrED 2020 Global Collection. We are continuously impressed with their commitment to
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THINK Global School, Redefining The Concept Of "School" And "Education" Globally
THINK Global School has been recognised as one of the leading innovations in the HundrED 2019 and HundrED 2020 Global Collections. We are continuously impressed with their ability to adapt, grow and d
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Improving Education In Macedonia Through Digital Literacy For EFL Students
Digital Literacy for EFL Students is a course designed specifically for learners of English as a foreign or second language at Intermediate (B1-B2) level, aiming to advance their linguistic competence
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Project ROCKIT Leading Australia's Biggest Youth-Driven Movement Against Bullying, Hate & Prejudice
PROJECT ROCKIT Online has been recognised as one of the leading innovations in the world and featured in HundrED 2019 and 2020. PROJECT ROCKIT is Australia’s first and biggest youth-driven movement ag
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UNOi, Disrupting The Status Quo And Changing Education Through Their Transversal Model
UNOi has been recognised as one of the leading innovations in the world and featured in HundrED 2019. UNOi is a living movement driven by people committed to an educational evolution. An integrated ed
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Education For Sharing Reinforces Civic Values To Over A Million Beneficiaries
Education for Sharing (EFS) was recognized in HundrED’s 2019 global collection, as one of the leading education innovations in the world. An innovation originating from Mexico, EFS has now reached ov
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Panal Foundation Empowering Students Through Honeycomb-like Communities & Mentor Partners
Panal Foundation which was featured in HundrED’s 2019 Global Collection as one of the leading education innovations in the world, is a semester program, which strives to empower students to develop th