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4.11.2020 | Mariah O'Mara |

HundrED Releases its Fourth Annual Global Collection

Over half of the world's leading education innovations selected by HundrED focus on developing social and emotional skills. More than 5000 innovations were considered for HundrED’s 4th annual Global Collection. The report features 100 of the leading innovations in K12 education and was announced at the first-ever virtual HundrED Innovation Summit

Global education nonprofit HundrED has just released its fourth annual collection of the 100 most impactful innovations in K12 education.

The global education ecosystem has seen remarkable disruption in education this year. During this pivotal moment in the history of education, after a year-long search, global education nonprofit HundrED has just released its fourth Global Collection at its first completely virtual HundrED Innovation Summit. The collection demonstrates how educators, parents, and students have embraced new ways of teaching and learning during the pandemic.

HundrED’s annual Global Collection highlights 100 of the brightest innovations in K12 education from around the world to anyone for free. The goal is to inspire a movement by helping pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations spread and adapt to multiple contexts across the world. Over 5000 innovations from over 110 countries were considered for this year’s Global Collection. To make this year’s Global Collection, a shortlist of innovations was reviewed by 150 Academy Members consisting of academics, educators, innovators, funders, and leaders from over 50 countries. In total, there were over 3400 reviews made by the Academy based on the innovations’ impact and scalability. The innovations were then evaluated by HundrED’s Research Team to make the final selection. 

Key Stats

  • 55% of the selected innovations target the development of 21st-century skills 
  • 34% require internet access  
  • 47% develop traditional academic skills 
  • 63% develop holistic skills like empathy, mindfulness, etc. 
  • 73% of the innovations are non-profit
  • 34% of innovations are implemented in out-of-school contexts.

The selected innovators were presented at the HundrED 2020 Innovation Summit 

The HundrED Innovation Summit is renowned for providing an opportunity for the selected education innovators to share their best practices with the world. This year’s collection was launched at the first-ever virtual HundrED Innovation Summit. The three-day event will bring together over 3000 education stakeholders from around the world. 

Saku Tuominen, Chairman & Creative Director of HundrED of HundrED, said of this year’s global collection: 

“Spreading innovations across borders can be a gamechanger for education, worldwide. We will continue to encourage as many stakeholders as possible including schools, educators, administrators, students, and organizations to get involved so that we can improve education at scale.”

Since 2017, the overarching goal of the HundrED Innovation Summit has been to celebrate the selected hundred innovators on the global stage and make their work known internationally. This year's program includes experts like Sarah Bouchie, the Vice President of Global Programmes at The LEGO Foundation; Fred Swaniker, Founder of the African Leadership Group, Vicky Colbert, the Founder and Director of Fundación Escuela Nueva; and many more. 

The HundrED 2021 Global Collection is available to download on the HundrED website at no cost. For easy sharing, all innovations are freely available on the HundrED website. To explore the selected innovations, please visit: