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HundrED Connect Launch & Highlights from the HundrED Summit
Well that's a wrap on day 1 of the 2019 HundrED Innovation Summit! We had an array of speakers from panels on learning environments to inspiring presentations on the future of education by Rob Houben,
8.11.2019 Romayne Javangwe
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HundrED Forerunners Committed To Creating A Global Network Of Systems Improving Education
At the HundrED 2020 Global Collection Launch, the HundrED Forerunners was launched with a goal to create and celebrate a network of phenomenal systems, starting with the city of Helsinki, celebrating
7.11.2019 Noora Ruoho & Danny Gilliland
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HundrED 2020 Global Collection & HundrED Funders Collection Are Launched! Check Out Highlights From The Event!
The day we have been awaiting has arrived! The HundrED 2020 Global Collection and HundrED Funders Collection have been launched and the 2020 HundrED Global Collection is now freely accessible on our
6.11.2019 Katija Aladin & Pukhraj Ranjan
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Recap of the HundrED Masterclass Day on Wellbeing at the Helsinki Education Week
We had an amazing time at the Helsinki Education Week Masterclass Day on Wellbeing with the HundrED Community. We reflected, we laughed, we shared and we came out feeling AWESOME! Have a look at some
5.11.2019 Katija Aladin
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HundrED Youth Summit Fostering Youth Engagement And Leadership In Educational Conversations
As part of the HundrED Innovation Summit, we continue to strengthen our platform to foster youth engagement and leadership in educational conversations. For the first time ever, we organized and hoste
4.11.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan
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We Are Prepped And Fully Booked For The 2019 HundrED Innovation Summit!
We are exactly a week away from the HundrED Innovation Summit and we are completely sold out! With a star-studded lineup of inspirational speakers across various fields, participants from all around t
31.10.2019 Katija Aladin & Pukhraj Ranjan
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5 Things Not To Miss At The Helsinki Education Week & The HundrED Innovation Summit
The weather may be cooling down in Helsinki, but the events in the city are warming up! Helsinki Education Week and the HundrED Innovation Summit are only a few weeks away, here are 5 things you do no
18.10.2019 Katija Aladin
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HundrED Innovation Summit Program For November 2019 Is Now Live!
The 2019 Innovation Summit brings a renewed focus on our mission to help children flourish and provide quality education for all as we launch the HundrED 2020 Innovation and Funders Collection! We bel
11.10.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan & Katija Aladin
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HundrED Innovators To Make A Mark At The 2019 Helsinki Education Week
Helsinki Education Week is an official side event for Finland’s Presidency of the Council in the European Union and it is organized by the Helsinki city and HundrED. Many educators & innovators from t
4.10.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan
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Our Next Round Of Speakers Are Coming To Inspire and Activate The HundrED Community!
Ready for round 2? Find out the next round of speakers set to hit the stage on November 6th to the 8th for the 2019 HundrED Innovation Summit! They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with them
2.10.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan
community article
2019 HundrED Innovation Summit's First Line Of Speakers Announced
Take a look at just a few of the speakers who will be taking the stage at this year's HundrED Innovation Summit in Helsinki...
10.9.2019 Katija Aladin
community article
HundrED Innovation Summit 2019: We Are Getting Ready To Host Our Education Innovators This November In Helsinki!
The HundrED Community of education innovators, funders, ambassadors, and youth ambassadors will be coming together in Helsinki for a 3-day celebration of education innovation this November! Each year
9.8.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan