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6.11.2019 | Katija Aladin & Pukhraj Ranjan |

HundrED 2020 Global Collection & HundrED Funders Collection Are Launched! Check Out Highlights From The Event!

The day we have been awaiting has arrived! The HundrED 2020 Global Collection and HundrED Funders Collection have been launched and the 2020 HundrED Global Collection is now freely accessible on our website! Check out the highlights from the day!

The day we have been waiting for has arrived! The HundrED 2020 Global Collection and HundrED Funders Collection have been launched. The 2020 HundrED Global Collection is now freely accessible on our website! Check out the highlights from the day! 

We started the 2019 HundrED Innovation Summit today with nearly 500 global education innovation community members, and we have to honest - we definitely felt a buzz of excitement in the air! As the name suggests, the event is truly a "launch" towards many fruitful discussions on how to make a change in education happen! 

An inspirational welcome address was delivered by Li Andersson, Minister of Education in Finland, as she highlighted the need to adapt to future skills throughout her speech.

“According to OECD, 6 percent of all jobs will be lost to automation, and the professions that we now know will drastically change in the next 20 years”.

The solution?


Saku Tuominen, Founder & Creative Director at HundrED brought his energy and enigmatic passion to connect us back to the core of HundrED and how we explore creativity in education. Our aim, at HundrED, is to help innovations scale and spread in order to impact more children and therefore, help them flourish in life. We believe there is a need to close the gap between the school and the world. A sentiment that echoed also in Li Andersson’s call to teach students the skills needed to succeed in their future. 

Then it was time! Time to unveil the HundrED 2020 Global Collection! In our third Global Collection, the selected innovations collectively impact 75 million users and on average each innovation has spread to 10.72 countries. The innovations cover a wide range of themes from school leaders to empathy-building curriculums. We are extremely proud of the inspiring innovations, and think you will be too! 

We had a sneek peek into the Global Collection with 12 lovely innovators who gave us a taste of the quality innovations available in this year's collection! Thank you to the passionate innovators! You can check out a recap of the presentations here. 


During the launch, we had 2 huge announcements!

First, we launched HundrED Forerunners initiative with Jan Vapavuori, the Mayor of Helsinki and Ilona Taimela a leading Education Consultant with the city. The goal behind HundrED Forerunners is not just to provide the recognition to city-wide interventions but in this case, also try to help them scale to like-minded education stakeholders. For example, in the case of the city of Helsinki, we hope that all or some of these 10 “city-wide innovations” could be tried and tested across other cities of the world, both big and small. A small step but in the near future, we want to create a network of innovative education forerunners in the form of cities, countries and other systemic interventions, that can share innovative practices with each other. This, we envision will help to further our mission to help every child flourish. 

With the same aim, we also launched the HundrED's Education Funders Collection!

This collection features organisations who have been investing in K12 education for at least one year, and those who align with HundrED’s mission of investing in innovations that are impactful and scalable while supporting 21st-century skills. We considered the following factors in our selection process: funder’s engagement with their beneficiaries beyond financing, their role in strengthening infrastructure, and addressing pronounced needs or fundamental structural challenges in their target regions. The funders collection features 44% non-profit organisations, 20% corporate foundations, and 36% venture capitalists who are supporting education initiatives in over 120 countries.

A warm thank you to Gregg Behr from The Grable Foundation (also included in our Education Funders Collection) for sharing the need to transform the way we view change in education and discuss "remaking learning". Gregg further delivered an inspirational speech highlighting the amazing work of education innovators in the Pittsburgh area and how he is playing a supportive role in their growth and development! 

Finally, to bring it back to our lovely HundrED Community, HundrED Ambassador and now innovator, Alex Bell (UK) and youth ambassadors Vrinda Gandhi (India) & Alice Coelho Machado (Brazil) talked about their journey as ambassadors and what the community means to them! A short snippet from their talk is how being part of the HundrED Youth Ambassadors has helped Vrinda gain confidence in her leadership abilities and Alex shared his experience on how his last year's experience at the Summit helped him return this year as a HundrED innovator with his HundrED 2020 innovation XtalksWorldListens!

We finally closed the night at the Finnish Natural History Museum with a closed networking event for our incredible innovators, funders, ambassadors, youth leaders, and our amazing city-wide supporters. At the event, we heard from Pia Pakarinen, Deputy Mayor for Education, the City of Helsinki and Marigold Mioc, a HundrED Youth Ambassador from Canada who helped us to think about the next two days of the summit as an opportunity to celebrate, converse and connect!

As we continue to dive into conversations, we urge you to explore our new Global Collection of innovations, HundrED 2020 and we promised you wouldn't be able to look away! Download the HundrED 2020 Yearbook here, watch a video compilation exploring the HundrED 2020 collection or simply go to the HundrED 2020 Collection page to find all the innovations FOR FREE!


Don't miss a beat! Watch the livestream of all events here.