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Global Oneness Project Premieres New Film At Tribeca Film Festival!
The team behind Global Oneness Project will have their latest film, Earthrise, premiere at this year's Tribeca Film Festival on the 21st of April! Earthrise, by award-winning Director Emmanuel Vaughan
19.4.2018 Josephine Lister
Virtual Reality Hits American Classrooms!
Virtual Reality is making its way into US Classrooms. Lyfta, a Finnish-British virtual reality company that we selected to be a part of our 100 Inspiring Innovations in Education 2018, is being pilote
18.4.2018 Josephine Lister
Teacher Testimonials: If You Want Your Students To Become Global Citizens, You Must First Be A Global Teacher
Nam Ngo Thanh used to focus on knowledge acquisition and teaching out of textbooks and he thought he was a good teacher, but then everything changed. Find out how Nam went from following the status qu
Positive Pick-Me-Ups: The School Breaking Children Out Of Their Bubble
Thanks to algorithms and technological advances, we’re all living in bubbles both in the real world and online. This is a situation that many expat families are all too familiar with. But instead of a
PenPal Schools Launch Pen-Pal-A-Palooza 2018!
Today marks the start of the biggest PenPal exchange of the year - an international extravaganza of collaborative learning, connecting thousands of kids around the world. Has your school enrolled?
Meet The UN's Latest Education and Learning Award Winner
The UN's Education and Learning Award Winner of 2017 also happens to be one of our 100 Inspiring Innovations! Come and meet them and find out how they're combining the newest technologies with age-old
World Peace Should Be On Every Classroom Agenda - Here’s Why
Peace can seem like an abstract, intangible idea, but for millions of people around the world affected by violence, conflict or persecution, nothing could be more important. This International Peace D
Meet The Documentaries That Are Revolutionizing Classrooms
The Global Oneness Project is changing education from the ground-up, by providing cinematic documentaries, photo-essays and journalistic writing that you can use for free in the classroom.
23.8.2017 Josephine Lister
The Future Looks Bright: Five Innovations Bringing Us The Future Of Education Today
Everyone knows education has been stuck in a rut for quite awhile now, but that's not true everywhere. Here are five of our favourite innovations bringing education up to speed right now!
The Final 25 Finnish Projects Have Been Announced!
We are conducting an ambitious trialling of 100 Finnish projects in schools across Finland. Over the course of the next year, the final twenty-five projects will be practiced in schools and developed
Co-teaching, Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen?
The idea is simple. Two teachers work together with one classroom of pupils – sharing the planning, organisation, delivery and assessment of that class and their learning.
18.11.2016 Josephine Lister
A Very Global View on Education: What We Learnt
It was clear the ability to understand and communicate on a global level struck both the panel and the audience, and was a key topic of conversation over the course of the evening. People now have to
10.11.2016 Josephine Lister