PenPal Schools Launch Pen-Pal-A-Palooza 2018!


Today marks the start of the biggest PenPal exchange of the year! Pen-Pal-A-Palooza is an international extravaganza of collaborative learning, connecting thousands of kids around the world to share not only lessons but also their cultures, experiences, ideas and opinions.

Students beginning their PenPal journeys today will connect with their peers from France, Guatemala, Canada, Brazil and more, since schools in 31 countries enrolled this year! They’ll be collaborating on thrilling projects such as Walking to Freedom, learning about champions of social justice like Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks, or PenPal School’s most popular project, World Explorer, in which students share perspectives on culture, food and history around the world.

What’s more, PenPal Schools have just introduced a new feature enabling students to make thousands of global connections at the click of a mouse! Students usually connect with a small group of penpals from around the world. However, the newly introduced global student forums mean that students don’t have to wait around if their penpals aren’t that great at replying!

Learners can now safely connect and collaborate with thousands by posting discussions in the global student forum, as well as sharing with their assigned group of penpals in the usual way. This means more connections, more discussions and more exposure to different cultures, ideas and opinions!

Kids aren’t the only ones to gain international pals, as PenPal schools also offer global teacher forums, so educators get all the benefits of connecting with their peers too.

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