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5.10.2018 | Josephine Lister |

The Victoria, Australia Spotlight Has Been Released!

10 of the most inspiring innovations in Victoria, Australia, have been announced! Find out about the most exciting things going on in classrooms in Australia!

The HundrED Spotlight on Victoria, Australia, has been released! 10 of the most inspiring innovations from the region have been announced and are now available to learn from on our website.

The Victoria Spotlight is a joint research venture with Education Changemakers and supported by the Atlassian Foundation. Together we've researched the most innovative things happening in classrooms in Victoria, in order to share them with the world and to help good ideas spread.

Each of the 10 selected innovations is packaged in a way to help other educators implement the innovation where they are or learn from their example in order to adopt a similar practice in their own educational setting.  Short documentaries on each innovation, exploring how they work and the impact they have on improving children's lives, helps to do this further.

But that's not all! The Victoria Spotlight also has it's own research paper, detailing the needs in the area, the process of the Spotlight and exploring the impact of the innovations. Read the research paper for free or discover the selected innovations here: 

Hands on Learning HoLspitality: An extension of the Hands on Learning method used by schools to improve student engagement and prevent early school leaving

RESPECT AMBASSADOR PROGRAM (R.A.P): A violence prevention program. It breaks down respect into age-appropriate concepts & develops these skills through an interactive mix of media, art, role-play & mindfulness.

The Learning Co-operative school:  A parent-run, alternative primary school situated on beautiful bushland close to Hurstbridge, Victoria.

Maths Pathway: A Learning and Teaching Model that is doubling the rate that students learn maths.

The RISE Framework of Creative EducationThe RISE Framework offers teachers a deeper understanding of how to teach both with and for creativity in the classroom. 

Luminaria Educational Model: Reimagining education to help children thrive in and build a more human and humane world of the future.

PhenomenonA free digital food education program for primary schools designed to change the conversation around vegetables for kids

PROJECT ROCKIT Online: An online Cyber-Bullying and Leadership Workshops for Year 7-9 Students

Teach The TeacherDesigned and run by students, Teach the Teacher creates positive communities through student-led conversation.

Playground IdeasThese unique, child designed playgrounds are built using local materials to provide abundant opportunities for daily play.

Congratulations to the selected innovations, we can't wait to help the world discover your work!


HundrED Spotlights are deep dives into a region or theme in education. Victoria Spotlight is now available for everyone to discover, completely for free! HundrED's Spotlight on Sustainability will be released on November 5th.