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HoLspitality is an extension of the Hands on Learning method used by schools to improve student engagement and prevent early school leaving

Hands on Learning - HoLspitality

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Ten students work with two artisan-teachers one full day each week running an in-school cafe serving students, teachers and parent community. Student engagement increases through safe respectful relationships that cultivate a sense of belonging and tangible entrepreneurial learning opportunities that enable students to experience success.

HoLspitality makes a real and tangible difference in student engagement and learning

“It motivates you to come to school because you have a team that you can’t let down. It is a responsibility. I feel like it helps with my confidence. I used to be really shy and not talk in class at all and this has helped. ”

Ebru, Year 8.

Often a small tweak is all that is needed to transform the experience of school for students that are struggling to engage and succeed in the traditional 5 day academic focused timetabled approach.  One full day out of the class each week with the same small group of cross aged students supported by two passionate and skilled artisan teachers undertaking authentic entrepreneurial tasks can be the circuit breaker that makes a world of difference.  HoLspitality provides the appropriate setting to develop students micro social skills whilst at the same time undertaking tasks which are rich in literacy and numeracy learnings which cut through, make sense and are transferable back into their normal academic classes the other 4 days each week.
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Intended Outcomes
10 - 15
Age Group
Resources Needed
Contact the Hands on Learning team at http://handsonlearning.org.au/contact-us/

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