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8.3.2021 | Manish Sharma |

HundrED GLocal in Delhi Exploring Student Wellbeing in the Post COVID World

Join an inspiring group of HundrED Ambassadors from India as they plan our first GLocal in Delhi on continuing learning & wellbeing in the post COVID world.

HundrED GLocals are organised by the HundrED Community that bring together local and global networks while highlighting local and global innovators on a certain theme or topic. This HundrED GLocal is centered around the theme of student well-being in the post-COVID age. The event will be held on Saturday, March 13th at 6.00 – 7.30 pm IST. Register for the event now.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected the lives of all sections of society as people were asked to self-quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus. The lockdown had serious implications on the mental health and learning of children, resulting in psychological problems including frustration, stress, and depression. The closure of schools globally has upended life for children, and educators have been forced to determine how to provide distance learning. Schools are also an essential source of nonacademic support in the way of health, mental health services, and food assistance. The closure of schools because of COVID-19 is resulting in a physical and emotional toll on students as students relied on schools not only for academic support but also nonacademic support. This means school closure will have a profound effect not only on academic achievement but also on the well-being especially in the youngest children and in children of families with low socioeconomic status. So how can we deal with this situation and enable access to learning and well-being for all especially children in COVID and post COVID world?

Pause for a moment and picture a child who you believe is on their way to unleash their greatest potential but the outbreak of COVID has affected his/her capabilities. Think of a child you know who is already struggling with poverty and inequality, COVID-19 has created more problems for this child. How we can support them?

The world is not going to be the same again. From, academic success to their social skills and mental health, the pandemic has affected children and the fallout may follow them for the rest of their lives. So what we can do to ensure access to learning and well-being in the post-COVID world for all, especially children, so that the after-effects are minimum?

To find answers to these questions we (Manish Sharma, Prakhar Bhatia, Aashish Razdan, and Amit Sharma) HundrED ambassadors got together to organize the first GLocal in Delhi on the theme: Post-COVID world/interventions focused on ensuring access to learning and well-being for all in a post-COVID world. 

Join us at Delhi’s first HundrED GLocal event on March the 13th 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm Indian Standard Time on Zoom, to explore how to ensure access to learning and well-being for all in the post-COVID world. Innovators from India and across the world will showcase innovative strategies and systems which enable students to continue access to learning and well-being during COVID and post-COVID time. Presenters will share examples of how their innovation will enable access to learning and well-being in a post-COVID world. We look forward to fostering lively conversation among educators, innovators, administrators, and students. Together we will work to implement these practices that will ensure learning and well-being to students in the current scenario.

There will be a total of four presentations at the event,  2 by Indian innovators and 2 by global innovators recognized by HundrED. We are happy to share that local presentations will be made by Karun, the founder of Collective Consciousness on his innovation, BridgED as well as Malavika Nair, Programme Director of Collective Consciousness on her innovation Devi. In addition, we are excited to announce that our global presenters will be from the HundrED collection- TOMi Digital from Colombia and Link Online learners from the USA.

Local (1).png

About the Indian Innovators 

  1. Devi seeks to address the critical menstrual health and hygiene challenges using traditional and technology platforms to overcome the barriers to the overall development and well-being. Malavika Nair from Collective Consciousness is a graduate of the University of Oxford and aspires to disrupt menstrual health challenges for 200 million women and girls in India. As Programme Director and the Project Lead of Devi, she leverages her clinical and science background to drive social change in India’s developmental issues. Malavika sources her keen interest in advancing child’s rights, from her experience as a facilitator working with government school children in Bangalore, India. She’s a classically trained Bharatnatyam dancer for almost two decades having performed across the world. At Oxford, she studied Clinical Embryology and holds a BSc. Biotechnology from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.
  2. BridgED is an ed-tech project of Collective Consciousness that creates a technology-enabled, dynamic, seamless application and disbursement process of Government mandated and private scholarships for students from low-income communities. Karun Gopinath from Collective Consciousness is a recent graduate in Development Studies from the Graduate Institute, Geneva. He is a recipient of a full institutional scholarship. Since his return to India, he has established The Collective Consciousness; an early-stage nonprofit addressing various systemic challenges and leveraging technology to advance child rights. He previously led a comprehensive school transformation program working with more than 37 schools and 7,200 children in Bangalore. As a consultant to Texas-based JMJ Associates, Karun led behavior-based, safety transformation programs for large oil and gas projects in the Middle East. Karun is a Masters in Political Science from the Masters Christian College, a PG-Diploma in Journalism from the Asian College of Journalism, and a Bachelors in Commerce from St.Joseph's College of Commerce. In 2020, Karun was awarded the Davis Prize for Peace. 

About the HundrED Innovators 

  1. TOMi.Digital is a platform that helps teachers to find and create awesome classes. TOMi devices support them to deploy the service even inside classrooms without internet access. Juan from TOMi Digital, grew up in one of the most violent neighborhoods of Medellin, Colombia, he created one of the most remarkable companies dedicated to innovation in education with 350 employees with a presence in 10 countries in Latin America. He was awarded by MIT University, Accenture, the Prime Minister of Spain, the Senate of Colombia, and others, because of his contribution to innovation in education to the world.
  2. Link Online Learners is an invitation to students across the Globe to meet up regularly on Zoom to share and experience the world through each other's eyes, building a community of global citizens. Lene Jansby Lange from Link Online Learners is the Founder and CEO, Lene also heads the Global Schools Alliance. Lene is an educational entrepreneur and board member of several schools and education start-ups globally. In addition, Lene sits on the HundrED Academy.

Register for the GLocal here!