Atlanta Is Getting Ready For The Next HundrED GLocal On Self-Directed Learning


What if young learners could be inspired to shoulder 100% of the responsibility for their own learning? How can schools and classrooms be designed to foster self-directed learning? What are the key motivating factors for self-directed learning? What are high-quality examples of self-directed learning and how can they scale?

Hundred, Transcend, and The Forest School’s Institute for Self-Directed Learning are thrilled to host a HundrED GLocal on "Inspiring students to direct their own learning" along with HundrED Ambassador, Tyler Thigpen, and discuss these and other important questions around self-directed learning. The event will take place on Thursday, February 13, 2020, from 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM EST at The Forest School 1065 Hood Rd Fayetteville 30214.

For people unable to make the event, you can watch the live-stream on The Forest School's FB Page.

K12 educators, school leaders, central office administrators, researchers, students, and parents are invited to join us for this two and one-half hour event at Pinewood Forest, a town purposely built for creators makers and storytellers, situated next to Pinewood Atlanta Studios, the largest movie studios in the United States outside of California.  

For the first half of the event, we will hear six brief talks from six innovators, three local to Atlanta and three based internationally, all six of whom have exciting innovations to share regarding self-directed learning. For the second hour of the event, these innovators will break off into separate rooms and be available for interactive discussion and experimentation.

We are happy to share that the confirmed presenters include The Forest School, Utopian Academy for the Arts, The Life School from Atlanta. We will also be hearing from Project DEFY (India), MyMachine (Belgium) and Agora (Netherlands) recognised in the recent HundrED 2020 Global Collection. 

The cost of this event is free thanks to The Forest School’s Institute for Self-Directed Learning.

However, there are limited spots, 40 in total. 



About our local partners:


Transcend is a national nonprofit dedicated to accelerating innovation in the core design of “school”.  They do this by playing two roles:

  1. They support communities to ignite and advance design journeys so that more and more of them are eager and ready to pursue extraordinary, equitable learning environments.
  2. They partner with schools and other entities to build and spread “catalytic models,” so communities have a diverse range of outstanding, relevant options to adapt into their unique contexts.


Forest School’s Institute for Self-Directed Learning

The Forest School at Pinewood Forest is a 21st-century micro-school— grades 1-12 —with learner-driven technology, Socratic discussions, hands-on projects, and real-world apprenticeships in an intentionally diverse and character-forging community. At The Forest School, children are trusted and empowered to be responsible for their own learning and to use their learning to change the world. Our learner-driven community puts children at the center of their learning, allowing them to create and maintain personal goals, relational covenants, and real-world meaningful work.