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19.2.2020 | Lissette Rojas & Pukhraj Ranjan

HundrED GLocal in Venezuela Explores Creative And Innovative Practices That Enlighten Talent

Finding your Passions and developing your talents is key to engage with your education. Join us for HundrED GLocal on Friday, 27 and Saturday 28th of March at IEA School, Caracas - Venezuela from 8:00 to 16:30 EST to share, discuss and learn how so many of us are empowering students and teachers in creative ways!
Many highly, talented, brilliant, creative people think they are not - because the things they were good at, at school were not valued or were actually stigmatized- Sir. Ken Robinson

Finding your Passions and developing your talents is key to engage with your education. Join us from the HundrED GLocal in Caracas - Venezuela on Friday, 27 and Saturday 28th of March at IEA School from 8:00 to 16:30 EST to share, discuss and learn how so many of us are empowering students and teachers in creative ways to EnlightED Talent 

At HundrED, we are coming together with our Ambassador and Academy member Lissette Rojas in partnership with Colegio IEA. El Peñón from Caracas - Venezuela to bring you an event where innovators from across the world will be sharing their experience and the work they have done and continue to do to 'Enlighten Talent' and insert it in our education system. Since 'EnlightED Talent'  is a broad theme, we will be exploring 3 different approaches to instilling talent, they are:

  • Project-based Learning
  • Social-emotional skills 

By bringing together these innovations, this event aims to provide a platform for participants to 

  • Learn different ways to 'EnlightED Talent'
  • Share ideas, methods, solutions to enable each other to do better 
  • Take back strategies and solutions
  • Be a part of a collaborative learning community 

The 8 individual presentations will be followed by an innovative discussion time, to enable participants to understand the theme they would like to explore. 

We are happy to share the local presentations will be made by 

Ana Karina Carbonini and Delia Jardin, “When Origami and Calligram meet.”

IEA teachers working in space of systemic education transformation. They will be showcasing their work in the space of Creativity using Origami and Calligram as a tool to facilitate learning in the area of ​​Science and Language.

Francis Scott, Gloria Pineda, Jesús Uribe and Maria Carmen Goncalves “Developing Entrepreneurial skills exploring Venezuela’s Cacao” 

A Pedagogical Model for Secondary Grades where learning happens through projects that combine interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary topics with entrepreneurship education. These are integrated with subject-areas such as geography, history, citizenship, art and heritage, chemistry, computer science, and English. Working around Venezuela’s Cacao students go through all the processes from creating the business idea, environment analysis and strategic approach, marketing plan, operations plan until creating and launching products in 4 areas: Health, Beauty, Environment and Food.

Maleyva Zambrano, “Psychoeducational support for Students with special needs” 

 Weekly classes and special activities focused on moral development, values, motivation to achievement and vocational guidance to consolidate the competencies needed to be successful in the university and/or work.

Lizet Mujica and Alejandro Del Mar, "Development of computational thinking through mathematics and robotics" 

Learning to think and solve problems from the perspective of computer science through educational robotics. In a fun way, students think and solve mathematical problems by building, working in teams, programming and musicalizing the activity of a robot.

The global presenters, recognized in HundrED's GLobal Collection include:

Trix and Trax (Caracas - Venezuela), "The Superhero Talent Program"

They will be sharing their innovative program and methodology to discover and develop talents through peer learning, role-playing and the use of technology along with the collection and analysis of data to empower teacher and student talents. 

Amb-Le-Ma (Ambiente, Lectura y Matemáticas), "Socio-Educational Tool for Teachers"

Amblema is an educational tool with the primary purpose of motivating, encouraging and supporting teachers from schools in vulnerable urban and rural communities in Venezuela. They will share their simple to execute socio-educational tool to empower teachers with measurable results in 3 areas: Environment, Reading and Math. 

XtalksWORLDlistens (London, UK), "Global coaching program for young people to share their lives"

Xtalks works with young people with poor online connectivity, but unique first-hand experiences the world could learn from. They will share how to find and showcase the untapped wisdom of teens in digitally harder to reach places. How to coach them to hone their skills of communicating to a global audience with confidence and authenticity to supporters in 50+ countries.

Slam out Loud (New Delhi, India), "Transformational power of performance and visual arts"

The innovation enables children from disadvantaged communities to find their voice through creative expression. They currently are running a fellowship in the states of Delhi, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and UP to make art based e-learning accessible to 50,000 children in rural areas.


This HundrED GLocal event takes place on Friday, 27 from 13:15 to 16:15, but the school celebrations last both Friday, 27 and Saturday 28th of March at IEA School.

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Register for your tickets here! Did we mention it’s free?!