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Link Online Learners

A global movement promoting intercultural empathy & curiosity by young people for young people.

We host a series of weekly live video link ups between young people of different cultures from all around the world. LOL sessions are where your own seemingly ordinary culture and way of life becomes extraordinarily educative to others globally. We make impact in empathy-building, addressing cultural misunderstanding and creating an international movement recognised by the OECD& British Council.


Information on this page is provided by the innovator and has not been evaluated by HundrED.

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Target group
May 2023
Inclusion, kindness, and valuing others while seeking to collaborate, learn and exchange with them. To offer an alternative to standardized learning and shift the dynamic to each user having something to share and learn from the community. To connect solution providers with different markets to obtain the right data to continue growing, and by providing opportunities and access to education to all

About the innovation

Link Online Learners - Where ordinary young lives teach extraordinary lessons globally


Until now, education innovations have been created outside of HundrED and then brought into its community. This innovation only exists through the collaboration of HundrED's ambassadors, academy members and innovators in what we believe is a unique first in HundrED's history to meet the needs of the world's young people whatever their circumstances. 

What we do?


We run global, youth-led online intercultural exchanges each week. These combine all the insights and rich experiences of a student international exchange visit and family homestay - but on a weekly basis, from their own homes and completely free of charge. 


Unlike having to fly miles at great financial and environmental cost all our sessions  are available to youth aged 10-18 via their school or independently at no cost whatsoever

Our content is youth led, chosen by them - one to three months ahead.

 Topics range from fun intercultural games and conversations as entry points to member-generated extended international collaborations that foster meaningful understanding as well as deep empathy and unique insight from designing first-hand experiences together. 

On the one hand, they are collaborating naturally and internationally in a way many adults in their lives don't. On the other hand they are pioneers in developing deep international interpersonal skills and knowledge. 


So far, we've had sessions including: 

A live tour of Mecca- A youth commentary on Egypt's moving of its ancient mummies - Postal food exchanges and live video tastings between countries  - Local market tours in Vietnam - Backyard tours and chicken feeding in Nigeria - A tuk-tuk tour of Hanoi - A video tour of London's landmarks - A mountain rescue dog live demonstration from the US - A best-selling author interview from the UK - A live lake canoe tour in the US - A series of live international plays scripted, directed and performed by our youth members - An anniversary ball curated and directed by our youth members - International quizzes - Sharing of traditional & grandmothers' recipes Internationally - An international fashion show - Speaking at international youth and education festivals - A tour of New Orleans Mardi Gras celebrations - Recording of a studio-quality mix of 'We Are The World' with professional studio technicians and youth -made video - A series of 'ASK ME ANYTHING'  published podcasts (entitled 'This Global Life') encapsulating international curiosity and dispelling myths perpetuated by older generations. 

 These are the kinds of quality interactions that only usually happen in once-in-a-lifetime school foreign exchange trips. We are making them happen four times a week,  to create really powerful bonds and genuine friendships between young people from truly diverse countries, belief-systems and lifestyles. 

Why we do it?

Our mission is to ensure that the next generation are internationally fluid, empathetic and deeply curious. Our mission is to create a movement of young people very comfortable in interacting, collaborating and developing authentic friendships across cultures, world views and geographical boundaries. We believe that empathetic listening and active engagement with people from places you may never go to will help build a world that appreciates and fiercely defends our shared humanity for generations to come.  

Many countries describe their 'special relationship' with other nations, whom they value as trusted friends and allies and would not dream of getting in conflict with. 

Link Online Learners has created hundreds of these 'special relationships' and thousands of moments of international empathy that our youth members will take into adulthood and will underpin their view of others in the world. 

We believe these are life-changing, opinion-forming moments and we are proud to have created these opportunities. 


LOL is selected by the Eltons Awards as aFinalist
ELtons awards LOL for innovation in English Language Teaching ( Finalist)
L.O.L Favorite Memories: Year One
https://youtu.be/kITvb99yxmYHAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY LINK ONLINE LEARNERS! Here’s just one of our many groups  from around the world remembering their favourite moments from our first year together. 
RELEARN Second Serve - Blessing Akpan, Hector Grimaldo, and Alex Bell
Link Online Learners invited to contribute ton UNESCO's Futures of Education roundtable
Members of the Link Online Learners global team were delighted to have been invited to contribute ideas and insights to the UNESCO Futures of Education roundtable. At Link Online Learners we wholeheartedly believe that the future of education lies in all of us learning from each other in impactful ways all over the world. 
Link Online Learners invited to contribute to UK government report
Link Online Learners is proud to have been invited by the British Council to submit recommendations to the UK government All Part Parliamentary Group enquiry: BUILDING GLOBAL BRITAIN: CONNECTING YOUNG UK CITIZENS TO THE WORLD THROUGH INTERNATIONAL SKILLS AND EDUCATION: The value of international experience, skills and connections for young people in the UK As you can imagine, we had a lot of action research and live examples to draw upon and cannot wait to hear the final outcome. Our mission is that one day, ALL young people will gain regular and meaningful online and real life experience of other ways of life through the kinds of deep friendships and vibrant learning that we provide each week at Link Online Learners. 
Link Online Learners Overview 30 seconds
What is Link Online Learners?
Link Online Learners Sessions in Action
When the world shut down, we linked up! And... you are invited!
Link Online Learners
Welcome to our LOL sessions!
AimHi | The nature-first, curiosity-powered online school.
We give our youth members world class learning about sustainability for a joint collaboration with award winning environmental educators - AimHi https://www.aimhi.co/
Television's Baasit Siddiqui and educator becomes Link Online Learners Global Ambassador
Dear Diary: Online video chats are good, but nothing beats hanging out with friends | CBC News
Link Online Learners is featured by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5558870
Link Online Learners article published in Scholastic Kids Press by youth member
Link Online Learners features in an article in Scholastics' Kids Press - written by our youth member Marigold Mioc https://kpcnotebook.scholastic.com/post/online-learning-community-keeps-kids-connected
Link Online Learners partners with schools in Spain
Link Online Learners partners with schools from Fundació tr@ms in Spain to boost their weekly global youth interaction https://www.fundaciotrams.org/
LInk Online Learners in Vietnam
Link Online Learners teams up with Dreamland Eco English school in Vietnam to boost their students' experience of international youth collaboration each week.  https://www.facebook.com/DreamlandEcoEnglish
Link Online Learners in Canada
Link Online Learners partners with Montcrest School, Toronto, Canada to boost their students' weekly experience of international youth collaboration. 
Link Online Learners in India
Link Online Learners partners with Kalvi International Public Schools throughout India to boost their students' global connectedness www.kalvischools.com
Link Online Learners in Scotland
Link Online Learners speak at the Creative Bravery Festival - Scotland in September 2020 www.creativebraveryfestival.com
Link Online Learners interview bestselling author about youth collaboration
Link Online Youth members interview best-selling international author David Price OBE about the power of international youth collaboration and innovation. 
Building Meaningful Relationships Through Digital Global Community
Link Online Learners is invited by UNESCO and the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Developmment to create a blog entitled 'Building Meaningful Relationships Through Digital Global Communication' https://mgiep.unesco.org/article/building-meaningful-relationships-through-digital-global-community  
Link Online Learners record their first song in a virtual professional studio
Link Online Learners collaborate with NGO "Plugged in Band" in the USA to create  a studio-quality mixed-vocal recording of 'We Are the World'. 
We launch ONE TWO THREE TOUR globally
Link Online Learners launches its One Two Three Tour series - inviting young people globally to make one film of two minutes explaining three points of interest as a video tour of where they live. 
Link Online Learners runs interactive workshops as part of Helsinki Education Week November 2020
https://helsinkieducationweek.com/sv/events/7-link-online-learnersLink Online Learners runs interactive workshops as part of Helsinki Education Week  November 2020
Link Online Learners at HundrED Glocals around the world
Link Online Learners presents at HundrED GLocals in the UK, Australia and India throughout 2020
Link Online Learners collaborates with Teach for India to run workshops and drive our membership in India. 
Link Online Learners youth and adult members run a workshop and panel at Open Design Afrika - live from Cape Town - October 2020 
Link Online Learners presents at the TR@Ms conference - Spain
Youth and adult members of the Link Online Learners community were proud to present a summary of their work at the TR@MS international conference virtually from Spain in the summer of 2020
Link Online Learners from Macedonia
Marco welcomes you to Link Online Learners

Implementation steps

Register at linkonlinelearners.org
Fill out personal information, accept the terms and conditions and go through the vetting process if applying to volunteer or register as an expert.
Log in
Log in to your account at linkonlinelearners.org at the time of our calls.
Click "Join"
Click the join hyperlink button to be taken to Zoom or Classin depending on the day and the platform LOL will be using on that day.
Name and video
Welcome, you have joined our call and are live with our group. turn on your camera and change your name to (Name, Country) format to keep personal information private.
Join the conversation, introduce yourself and take part in the activities.
Breakout groups
Join different groups depending on your mood or interest that day. Or join a project based room to be part of a real hands on project with others from around the world.
Be repsectful and kind.
Be respectful and kind to others.
Have fun, enjoy and welcome to the famiy.
Keep up with us
Keep up with our latest events, news and projects at our website or by singing up for our news letter.

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