Celebrate International Day of Happiness with HundrED!

11.3.2021 | BY KATIJA ALADIN

International Day of Happiness is this month and we could not be happier to use this opportunity to test out a new webinar format to connect our incredible HundrED Community! In order to cater to our international audience, we are offering two sessions one on March 18th and one on March 19th.

Introducing: HundrED Community Gatherings

Community Gatherings are quick 30-minute sessions held on the icebreaker platform that create space for our community to connect with one another around a specific theme relating to innovation in education. For the first trial, we cannot think of a better theme than fostering happiness and joy in honor of International Day of Happiness!

To celebrate this much-needed day of positivity, light, and laughter, we have invited 3 of our inspiring HundrED Country Leads to host 2 separate sessions (keeping it as inclusive to our global community as possible!) 

Part I: Join Derek Bartels & Kimberley Powell, HundrED Country Leads for Australia

Derek was selected as HundrED Ambassador of the year last year and with the help of Kimberley Powell newly appointed HundrED Country Lead, they have led an enthusiastic and energetic HundrED movement in Australia. Their combined positivity, enthusiasm and contagious smiles will make for a perfect celebration! 

Part II: Join Lissette Rojas, HundrED Country Lead for Venezuela

Screenshot 2021-03-10 at 15.38.07.png

Lissette Rojas is a selected HundrED innovator, inspiring educator and an overall amazing human being! When asked what brings her joy she said: curiosity, learning new things, start a project & play and when asked to share a happy memory as an educator she said: when I with the help of great friends created the TrixandTrax Classroom. Going to school to transform a regular classroom into MY own Trixandtrax Classroom and see the kids face when they saw it!!!, see them having fun playing and creating was one of the happiest moments of my life as an educator. Check out her cool skills below!

With these hosts, a good time is guaranteed to be a good time! So, brighten up your week with a 30-minute happiness session and eave feeling inspired. Register now as space is limited!