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THINK EQUAL is a global system change in Education, bringing Social and Emotional Learning as the core purpose of Early Childhood Education


United Kingdom and United States
THINK EQUAL works towards a world in which all children have the optimal opportunity to develop to their full potential, have their views respected, respect one another, live free of discrimination and violence, and become active participants of a free and equal world. A movement as well as concrete programme, it equips teachers with resources which build the foundation for positive life outcomes.

Our vision is a safe, free and equal world.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


In the Early Years, when the child’s personality and moral framework are still developing, we must ensure that our children’s hearts are educated, and not just their heads. We must commit to a holistic approach to education which will result in a new generation of equal-thinkers and global citizens who can rise to the challenges of the 21st century.

Think Equal is a non-profit charity registered in the UK and USA (as a 501(c)3). We aim to promote best practice quality education, inclusion and equality in early childhood development. We collaborate with governments and global actors to bring this concrete programme successfully to scale. We believe that there is a “missing subject”, and that every child across the world has an inalienable right to be nurtured with values, life skills and competencies which enable healthy and positive life outcomes. We ask: “How can it be deemed compulsory for a child to learn mathematics, but it is optional for that child to learn how to value another human being or to lead healthy relationships?”

Together with world experts, Think Equal has designed a programme to experientially teach social and emotional learning to early years (3-6 year olds, the optimal window to modify attitudes, values and behaviours based on evidence from neuroscientists.)

Think Equal provides young people with a profound grounding in equality, empathy, peaceful conflict resolution, critical thinking, problem-solving, gender sensitisation and gender equality, emotional literacy, self-regulation, environmental protection, self-confidence, collaboration, inclusion, celebration of differences, etc. Think Equal contributes to building a strong foundation for individual and societal progress, making communities safer, healthier, stronger, more prosperous, more equal and more just.

The programme comprises 3 levels of replicable, very inexpensive, scalable, easy to implement, step-by-step teacher guides, each to be taught over 30 weeks of the school year. Every level of the programme includes 23 original books, associated resources, and 90 lesson plans (a total of 3 x half hour lessons per week). 

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38 000
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