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World Peace Should Be On Every Classroom Agenda - Here’s Why
Peace can seem like an abstract, intangible idea, but for millions of people around the world affected by violence, conflict or persecution, nothing could be more important. This International Peace Day, find out how ...
Enough With Gender Boundaries, We All Need To Learn To Cry
Male suicide is on the rise, female disparity in the workplace is still the norm. We need to counteract gender boundaries by teaching boys to cry and girls to be assertive.
The Key To Helping Vulnerable Children? Just One Caring Adult
The issues facing vulnerable children are complex but the solution doesn't have to be. Just one caring adult can make all the difference to their future prospects, here's the innovations that are doing just that.
HundrED's 100 Inspiring Innovations in Education Launching October 4th
We're excited to announce that on October 4th our first annual list of 100 Global Inspiring Innovations in Education 2017 will be published. Our launch event in Helsinki will be taking place from 4th-6th of October, r...
Let's Talk About Sex
Could the answer for up-to-date sex education just be to talk about it? By incorporating students’ voices in the discussion we can break the tension of the classroom, get embarrassment out of the way, and create an en...
The Role Of Leadership In Education Needs To Change, It's Time To Stop Following The Leader...
Everyone has different ideas about the role leadership should play in education, but most can agree that the idea of top down control, with leaders and followers, is somewhat outdated. Just as teachers are becoming fa...
Blueprints for Success
Imagine a world without stressful rote-learning exams... it seems like a fantasy but in this school they've found a more holistic way to assess students. Welcome to MUSE School and their BLUEPRINTS approach!
Meet The Documentaries That Are Revolutionizing Classrooms
The Global Oneness Project is changing education from the ground-up, by providing cinematic documentaries, photo-essays and journalistic writing that you can use for free in the classroom.
Is The Devaluation Of The Arts Responsible For The Rise Of Fake News?
The next generation will need to be critical thinkers in order to debunk the huge amounts of fake content they're bombarded with online and through traditional media outlets. However, everyone is focusing on STEM, not...
Growing Young Minds: 3 Innovations Bringing Nature Into Education
Contemporary learning environments aren’t just focused on the latest iPad or how to utilize virtual reality for learning, they’re actually increasingly nature orientated too. Here are three innovations showing how to ...
Want To Be A VR Or AR Superstar? Here’s Our Top Tips To Create The Perfect Product For Education.
Want to create an amazing VR or AR experience for schools? Here's our top tips on how to create the best product possible.