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Science education refers to the teaching and learning of the ideas produced by the sciences in order to to enhance students' scientific literacy through investigative activities.
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Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering (BBME) Course
The overall goal of the BBME course is to provide the students the opportunity to explore the role of genetic engineers and biomedical engineers in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases through well
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Kide Science
Kide Science develops young children’s scientific thinking skills through engaging hands-on experiments that solve real science problems. Its scalable online platform provides teachers and parents wit
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
Global Sky Partners
To provide sustainable, scalable education projects using robotic telescopes, we created Global Sky Partners. The partners use Las Cumbres Observatory's unique telescope network as an educational tool
Maître Lucas a teacher available everywhere in the world for French, Maths and Sciences
Maître Lucas is creating digital content (videos, exercises, video games) in order to offer free lessons in language, maths and sciences for french-speaking students in primary schools everywhere in t
Liber Domus
The world's first educational adventures role-playing 3D game for learning and schooling of mathematics & science 6th grade curriculum. We created a game engine alongside an educational gamified archi
GIFTED is an int'l non-profit organization that advocates for the EDUCATION of the African Girl-Child. Our mission is summarized in the following bullet points: - Develop PASSION FOR EDUCATION in Afr
Wezesha STEM Club
STEM Club offer learners the opportunity to explore science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) topics through interactive activities, allowing them to experiment, ask questions & experience
Kids' Chemical Solutions
80% of underrepresented fail college chemistry after two years thwarting them from a future in STEM. This is an issue of Civil Rights that can be changed. How? We must think of teaching chemistry like
Unification of Law Education, Medicine & Moral Architecture.(ULEMA)
Entire Spectrum of crimes, diseases, Problems worries difficulties, are basically OUR PRODUCTS (OP). The galaxies of OP are exponentially expanding outworld in time & space, and would continue to do s
نادي الفلك Astronaute Club
أساسيات علم الفلك من العلوم المهمة التي تحظى باهتمام وشغف الكثير من الطلاب. ولكن أغلب التركيز في المدراس متمحور حول علوم الفيزياء والكيمياء والأحياء ولا يوجد أي اهتمام للعلم الذي يشغف به الطلاب وهو ا
Women Science Teachers
Working on the gender equality on education is the main goal of WOMEN SCIENCE TEACHERS (WST)social platform .For this aim, WST has been working for more than 6 years all over the world . All efforts
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Little Inventors
Little Inventors offers fun challenges for kids to come up and draw invention ideas with no limits. Children who submit to the website receive personalised positive feedback and some even get to see t