Literacy innovations

Literacy is a foundational skill and includes the ability to read and write in order to develop and understand oneself and the world.
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Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Amb-Le-Ma (Ambiente, Lectura y Matemáticas) - Socio Educational Tool
Amblema is an educational tool with the primary purpose of motivating, encouraging and supporting teachers from schools in vulnerable urban and rural communities in Venezuela.
EL INGENIO. Center for Learning and Creativity Development
El Ingenio provided public access to creative development to the community, where more than 20,000 children, youth and adults have developed learning capabilities and creative skills through their ori
Podcast "Las Primeras Letras"
The first letters (Las Primeras Letras, in Spanish) is a creative writing podcast where 1 teacher and 7 students, ages 9 to 14, talk about language and literature, explore new words and share original
CommonLit operates a free online reading program in English and Spanish, serving over 20 million teachers and students across the globe. CommonLit's research-based platform offers over 2,000 high-qual
Histórias pra Contar App
O "Histórias pra Contar" é uma ferramenta simples para criar incríveis livros digitais. Com recursos simples, o app se concentra no desenvolvimento do conteúdo por estudantes e professores. Por meio d
Synapse is innovative because it combines the neuroscience knowledge about learning with the teachers knowledge about the reality of their classrooms, because its scalability model is based on the use
Classtime is a solution for teachers that complements in-class teaching with immediate feedback on every student’s level of understanding by asking questions and validating answers. Our Collaborative
Sigo Leyendo
Sigo Leyendo ( is a digital library of high-quality children's books with the goal to increase access to books and promote literacy in Latin America. The library offers a varie
Cámara Mágica Foundation
We rescue stories of cultural and educational importance to impact childhood and the local ecosystem from where stories emerge. We empower writers and illustrators around the world who give their tale