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Women Science Teachers

Effect of female teachers in science education

Working on gender equality in education is the main goal of the WOMEN SCIENCE TEACHERS (WST) social platform. For this purpose, WST has been working all over the world for more than 10 years. We work to increase public interest in science and to support women teachers and girls. We welcome everyone who is committed to education around the world.



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Target group
June 2024
WST was founded with the aim of achieving gender equality in education. When we started our activities 10 years ago, most people did not realise that female teachers were key to education. The pandemic period has shown that women teachers are a very important factor for society. We hope, one day the United Nations will recognise International Women Teachers' Day.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

There is a serious gender inequality in society. This affects students, especially girls, in the education system. However, what is not known or not much voiced is that women teachers are also exposed to this inequality. I created this innovation to remove these inequalities. We believe that if women are empowered, society will be empowered and injustices in the world will disappear.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

We share news about education and technology every day on our WST social accounts. In this way, we try to raise awareness in education. We also organise events or participate in other events to increase girls' interest in technology and science. In 2021 and 2024 we became a partner organisation of the STEM Discovery Campaign (SDC) organised by European Schoolnet. This year we reached 9000 students from 10 countries. (10 teachers from 4 countries organised some activities at SDC as one of the ambassadors of WST) Also, in 2023 we organised a session (online and face-to-face) on gender equality in science education at the United Nations (New York). 6 major researchers participated in the session. Since 2018, we have been organising events for ‘11 February Women and Girls in Science Day’. We were a partner of the World Light Day organised by UNESCO in 2020 and 2021.We participated in conferences organised in various countries to promote our group.

How has it been spreading?

WST was founded in 2014. From that day, our group has been growing day by day. We are totally 4159 teachers and academicians from America to China , from Canada to U.K .. We would like to make our group more effective by growing .We share educational activities in Facebook , Twitter and our website.( was founded in 2014. Since then, our group has been growing day by day. We want to make our group, which consists of 4159 teachers and academics from America to China, Canada to England, grow and become more effective. We share our educational activities on Facebook, Twitter and our website. (
In addition, the events we organise are very well received. This year alone, we reached 9000 people.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If you are passionate about innovation in science education , we'd like to hear from you.
Science is a key for our future .We think that , science is great with female science teachers.Thus ,everyone should support teachers especially female teachers .
As "Women Science Teachers " , we would like to reach more female teachers and girls . We'd appreciate it if you could support us ...


WST was one of the partner organisations of SDC24
The team of WST
Works of WST
WST was presented in the" EDUVISIUN Conference(February-2024)
WST organised the "Gender Equality in Science Education" session in UNGA78 organised by the UN in Newyork City- Newyork.
WST coordinated the "Sustainable Clothes" project.
WST coordinated the "From ropes to Rugs " project.
WST organised this competition in the "11 February International Day of women and Girls in Science"
WST organised museum visits for 3 schools in Istanbul (February-April2024)
WST was one of the partner organisations of SDC24
WST organised this conference for students(ages14-18)
As a partner organisation , WST has organized a competition for  the young in "International DayofLight"held by UNESCO.
WST's work  in the Covid 19 pandemic period was selected as one of the 100 most effective studies about education in the world by Global Teaching InSight (OECD)'s%20InSights/1_jsfmqrpu
11 February Women in Science | womenscienceteachers
WST's  acticities in THe 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign
Gender and Innovation in STEAM
WST was presented in PERFORM Conference in 2017 Unescco  / Paris
WST was partner organisation of  " The 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign" held by European Schoolnet  and Scientix . As a partner organisation ,WST organized some competitions and events for  teachers , academicians and students.
Women Science Teachers

Implementation steps

Supporting girls' education
This is one of the first efforts to support women teachers. When people realise our activities, they not only support the education of girls, but also support women teachers and make them more motivated in the coming years. We are trying to be a role model for educators.

Spread of the innovation

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