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Career Quest: Gamified experience of career decision-making for young people in India

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Giving young people autonomy to make informed choices navigating real life scenarios.

85% of young people in the country feel ill-equipped to make informed decisions regarding future career paths due to lack of access to information and no opportunities to practice decision making. Career Quest, a choice-based game enables young learners, from low socio-economic, varied religious and gender identities and family archetypes, to model career decision-making.

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August 2023
The game will expand young people’s understanding about career exploration as a multifaceted process to make informed life choices. Creating opportunities for choice & decision making, it will build a growth mindset. It encourages self-learning. By offering the game as a digital public good we hope to make career exploration accessible to millions of children in the Indian Public Education System.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

With 65% of Indians under age 35, youth, especially those from marginalised backgrounds, struggle to transition from the classroom to work. Out of 250+ career choices, 93% of youth are aware of only 7 career choices, due to lack of access to information, career counselling, fixed mindsets about careers, societal and cultural norms in India & no opportunities to practice informed decision making.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Career Quest is a choice based game for young people to practice career decision making. It has 8 characters from diverse backgrounds – gender, sexuality, region, class, religion – facing career dilemmas, all leading to different pathways in life. The player helps the character solve dilemmas and understand the impact of career decisions on social acceptance, financial stability and personal satisfaction. It brings in life situations such as negotiating choices with family, finding financial support, exploring options of learning and earning together.

A pilot with 1300 learners found the game was effective in:
· creating awareness about career pathways
· increasing confidence in decision making
· increasing empathy among players for people different from them
· building a growth mindset, showing multiple possibilities with career pathways

A low tech browser based solution with low internet bandwidth requirements, with no requirement of login process for ease of access.

How has it been spreading?

The game is a 6.2mb, browser based game with a download time of only three seconds and no logins required. It is open to any learner to play, free of cost. A focused group discussion was held with 122 students who played the game. The ability to choose, making decisions and negotiate with family were some of the key takeaways for learners. The game has also been selected as part of Innovative Career Solutions in a recent ‘Call for Solutions’ by Dasra and UNICEF Yuwaah.

In the next 2 years, we aim to develop the game as a digital public good by:
-Incorporating diverse personas, multiple regional languages and career pathways
-Elevating the visual and gaming experience with features
-Partnering with CSOs to expand the user base, capture and study user engagement to fine tune the experience

If I want to try it, what should I do?

>A facilitator can access a three minute tutorial on Youtube to introduce the game to learners.
>Learners can access the game by using this link:
>Choose a character of choice and experience the journey.
>A follow up discussion to address further interests.
Any organisation working in education can contact for support.

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

Coming from a low income background where I had little access to career counselling opportunities, this game has the potential to help many kids across India break through the glass ceiling. It really breaks down important life skills.

While still at the pilot level, Career Quest has the potential for further scale through partnerships with CSOs and government. Blending with school learning and embedding into a public system could lead to further impact and scale.

- Academy member
Academy review results
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Implementation steps

CSOs and partners adopt the solution
Quest Alliance and CSOs form a partnership agreement to adopt the Career Quest game and disseminate it amongst their learners.
Onboarding of learners
Facilitators can learn about the game through a Youtube video tutorial. Learners are oriented about the game through a demo.
Learners access the game
Facilitators share the game link or learners can use any browser and access the game within 3 seconds and play by choosing a character they relate with. Learners are not required to login or create any account to experience the game.
Facilitators support the experience
A facilitator is available to resolve initial navigation issues if they arise. In case of doubts, facilitators can access digital support through a chatbot.
Peer learnings and reflection
A follow-up discussion could be conducted among peers (optional).
Group discussion for future actions/goals
A follow-up discussion to address further interests and career research (optional, but recommended).

Spread of the innovation

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