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Interactive cultural products operating at the intersection of illustration, education, tourism and fashion

Wear-Abouts / Illustrious North

Finland, France, Italy
What if illustrations could step out of books, into textiles or other cultural products? What would they say about the intriguing stories that inspired their creation and how would they speak to their users? Through WEAR-ABOUTS we aim to explore this possibility by creating interactive solutions with ‘a deeper meaning’ that speak to children and their families.

New educational approaches based on smart illustrated patterns

What we do?

At WEAR-ABOUTS and through ILLUSTRIOUS NORTH lab (Topic 2 - FASHION DESIGN – Innovative/smart illustrated patterns for the sustainable fashion sector and Topic 4 - DESIGN FOR EDUCATION – New illustration practices based on innovative education principles) we explore new educational approaches based on smart illustrated patterns such as alternative education and giving a full place to children's learning of self-esteem and wellbeing. We integrate in our research work various actual educational approaches such as Nordic approaches and Outdoor education as well as Montessori pedagogy but revisited through today's lens. We use design-driven innovation to design novel cultural products that can contribute in an impactful way to how children relate to their environments.

The first theme addressed through an initial Beta collection, Wear-Abouts x Baltic Sea, is WILDFOODS. It draws inspiration from the Nordic healthy diet and innovations in this sector as well as the widely spread culture of picking wild foods in the Nordic and Baltic countries (wild berries, innovative use of oat, clean air, pure water, hygiene, traceability, environmental issues and animal welfare). This theme has been chosen in order to help children and adults around them reconsider the content of their plates, the origin and virtues of the products consumed, the manufacturing and distribution chains for products as well as the usefulness of the direct link between the consumer and the source of the products, such as picking, cultivation or local supply. The Augmented reality elements and contents help to educate children and adults in a playful way and propose tips and information to explore alternative places in the countries around the Baltic Sea to find best local products, wild foods picking activities, alternative restaurants and much more.

Why we do it?

We strongly believe in holistic education that needs to be addressed through everyday experiences in a fun and engaging way. It therefore needs to operate at the intersection of multiple disciplines such as culture, education, design, tourism and visual arts. Scalability: our cultural products can be adapted to practically any situation, addressing through specific themes, content and tailored illustrations the needs of the specific educational context. 

Wear-Abouts x Baltic Sea project is supported by the European Commission through  WORTH Partnership project part of the EU COSME programme.

Illustrious North lab project is supported by Nordisk Kulturfond - Nordic Council. and

@wearaboutsdesign @illustriouslab

Picture by Alexandra Dinca –

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Our collections are augmented-reality garments, accessories and design products that are readable through a dedicated App. The interactive content embedded in the products' illustrations revolutionise education by providing immersive, intelligent and adaptable solutions for different contexts.
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