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Electronic learning path


Marker Turku, Finland
The ViLLE eLearning path makes it possible to enhance and differentiate teaching. It introduces gamified, automatically assessed and motivating tasks into math, programming, and language teaching, while making tracking progress in studies easier.

What is it all about?

“ViLLE is a tool that enables and supports personalized learning using a new kind of learning analytics.”

ViLLE researcher

Digitalization provides new opportunities for learning. The electronic learning path ViLLE is a good example of how digitalization can be used to support learning in a meaningful way. ViLLE is a tool that enables and supports personalized learning using innovative learning analytics.

ViLLE’s learning paths have been developed to form a continuum from primary school to university. Learning paths include ready-made mathematics, programming and language tasks for students. Students can progress at their own pace and according to their own skill level. This way students works in their own zone of proximal development, and differentiating happens automatically. With the help of ViLLE, students get to practice new skills with extensive repetition, which is essential for learning and internalizing new skills. Students may well do up to 150–200 tasks in an hour.

Learning paths include automatic assessment. This means that the students get instant feedback from their answers, which improves students' self-assessment skills. ViLLE also provides the teacher with versatile learning analytics. The teacher is able to track various statistics: the order in which tasks have been completed, time spent on them, results, and other information on the students’ answers to the assignments. All statistical data is available to the teacher in ViLLE and can be utilized to support and assess learning and to identify learning difficulties.

The electronic learning material is adaptable to the textbook series used by the teacher. Teachers can also easily create their own online courses, tasks and assignments, which are evaluated automatically. In addition, teachers can join the ViLLE community, where by sharing their own work they get feedback from colleagues thus contributing to the learning community, regardless of place and time.

All teachers automatically have access to content created in ViLLE, but it is also possible to add private material with user restrictions.

More than 2000 primary and secondary schools across Finland have successfully implemented the mathematics (integrated programming) or mother tongue and literature learning path based on the ViLLE learning system. Feedback from students and teachers has been very positive.


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Intended Outcomes
Target Group
Resources Needed
One Teacher minimum, internet access and a computer. Obtaining a teacher's ID requires completion of training It is best to use ViLLE throughout the whole school year
HundrED Criteria
ViLLE enables the benefits of automatic evaluation and immediate feedback as a part of all teaching.
ViLLE provides a concrete way to utilize learning analytics to enhance teaching and assessment.
It is suitable for students of all ages!

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Get to know ViLLE and register!
ViLLE is a straightforward concept for studying, since all the teaching material is found through the same login and the learning material can be shared with the students online.
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Automatically assessed tasks
ViLLE's ready-made courses are designed so that the teacher can include them directly in the lessons.
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Electronic learning path
The ViLLE learning path includes the reformed Finnish core curriculum compliant math and programming classes for grades 1 to 7 and mother tongue and literature e-learning material for grades 1 to 6.
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Cooperation and collaborative learning
Collaborative learning can be encouraged both between teachers and students, as ViLLE emphasizes interaction.
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Lessons and voting
ViLLE's lessons are interactive. Real-time questions during lessons can be used to measure students’ learning.
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In tutorial based learning tasks are done either in pairs or in small groups of 2 to 4, since the goal is that the students discuss the topic being taught together as active learners.
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