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Edvolution Digital Adoption Program

Educational transformation is not an action, it is a process that involves the entire educational co

To improve the adoption of Google Workspace for Education of more than 11.000 teachers in Mexico and Chile, since 2018, edvolution has designed a Digital Adoption Program, DAP that allows educational leaders to overcome the resistance to change in their educational communities by mixing: training, teacher accompaniment, technical support, and mentoring leaders, including a data analysis portal



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Target group
March 2021
[the PAD] It has allowed us to align ourselves as a team having a shared focus and has enabled the educational transformation of our high school

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

We wanted to speed up the process and install change within schools quickly and easily. Technology adoption is a slow and painful process for schools: due to five obstacles: 1 lack of qualified technical personnel 2. absence of bridging technologies to establish communication channels with teachers, 3 resistance to change 4 lack of support for teachers and 5 misalignment in the vision of leaders.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

DAP works as an accompaniment program for the whole educational community. To ensure the success of the program, we accompany the technical manager making sure that the digital tools are correctly installed and working. We also accompany the leadership team so that they have enough information to make pedagogical decisions and resolve doubts from the educators about use, as well as, implementation. At the same time, we offer leaders a web portal where they can measure progress in the adoption. Concerning teachers, they are offered training through the Flipped learning methodology and accompaniment.

However, the key to success of the project is in the accompaniment along time for a low cost.

Our edvolution analytics portal allows us to measure the adoption of technology. Our statistics show how when adding the accompaniments, and, after the training sessions are over, a critical point of 80% of active users in platforms remain over time.

How has it been spreading?

In the last 3 years, we have helped more than 11,000 teachers in 164 schools in Mexico and Chile to adopt Google Workspace for education tools, plus one school in Ecuador and another one in Spain. Although we started with a hybrid capture system that mixed face-to-face sessions and virtual accompaniments; during the COVID period we went to a completely virtual system that allowed us to quintuple the hours of training given and quadruple the number of schools and teachers compared to 2019. In this change, we began to measure the NPS (Net Promotion Score) among principals. over 90% and our teacher grade at 3.89 out of 4.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

1- Send an email indicating: government /private/public school; country and number of students
2- You will be contacted
3- We conduct a needs analysis and technical pedagogical diagnoses.
4- Elaboration of the participants’ profile based on a diagnosis of digital skills extracted in the edvolution analytics portal
5- Training modules delivered Online
6- Accompaniment of the educational communit

Spread of the innovation

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