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An educative and social network that interconnects students, professors, parents and school administrations in highschools and universities.


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Tootree gives the possibility to each students to express his difficulties, anonymously if he wants, and get help from his professors, classmates, and an international mutual-aid community. Professors, parents and schools receive real-time statistics on the real degree of understanding of the lessons for a reinforced, progressive, adapted and personalized pedagogic follow-up of the students.
Angèle Audrey Ekollo, co-founder , Tootree Cameroon General Manager
Through quality education and a strong follow-up, we wish to give to Africa the youth she needs to meet its development challenges.

Angèle Audrey Ekollo, co-founder , Tootree Cameroon General Manager


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Updated on June 30th, 2022
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Reinforcing the students pedagogic follow-up to diminish the school dropout and increase the learning level

What we do ?

We recreate schools virtually with all their classrooms so that each student is in his classroom with all his classmates. The teachers are linked to the classrooms where they teach. Parents receive informations about their kids and the schools where they are and Administration have an overview of everything.

Then the students in difficulty have the possibility to declare their incomprehensions anonymously if they want and receive help from their classmates, professors, academic elders and students around the world. We have the ambition to create an international mutual-aid community where all students can feel free to express his incomprehensions and get answers from students even form other countries. Helping students receive points for every good answers that give them visibity in front of recruiters.

Every virtual classroom has a numeric library where can be shared lessons, exercises, books and others. 

There is also a digital billboard where educative communities can exchange instantly within the school or abroad. It is also a way to sensitize and communicate widely with the students and the others members.

For the next steps, we have :

Tootree Revision and Tootree Courses: access to courses conforming to the official program and to corrected tests and exercises.

Provision of our community of any other educational solution in collaboration with other platforms.

Integration of the administrative management component of the school: management of schooling, discipline, grades, etc.

Launch of the Tootree Social Card which will allow learners, teachers and parents to benefit from discounts on a wide range of essential products and services throughout Cameroon.

Launch of Tootree RH: which will give international visibility to learners and teachers to enhance their skills in order to find internships, jobs and other opportunities.

Why we do it?

Tootree has been developped to give a solution to the problem of massive education particularly present in Africa and others emerging countries. This situation results in an approximative pedagogic follow-up of the students : impossibility to answer to the questions of every students when they are so many in a classroom and there is that necessity to finish the annual programme. Impossibility to give to each student a personalized support. 

How can a professor follow efficiently all his students when it is not scarce that he must teach in many schools sometimes very distant ?

There is also a general observation that many students are afraid to share their difficulties. Some because they are shy. Others because they are afraid of mockeries. They keep their incomprehensions for themselmes and accumulate gaps.

All this leads to relative low learning levels and important school dropout in those areas.


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