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Empowering the world for a greater future - aiming to make cashless societies more accessible to all

TokenAcademy is a platform that aims to enhance and catalyse revolutionary and transformative change. By providing a voice to people, and empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to navigate the world of technology and finance, we aim to teach individuals about the main things that are shaping the future of our lives with over 120 lessons alongside weekly resources & news.


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Target group
January 2024
TokenAcademy aspires to prioritise education for everyone, breaking barriers by offering free, multilingual courses. The envisioned change is an inclusive, globally accessible learning enviroment, where individuals, regardless of background, can use technology and financial knowledge, and build a more equitable and greater future.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

My journey into finance began the day I was asked the quintessential question, "What do you aspire to become in the future?" Without hesitation, I answered “To make digital finance the norm, not the exception.” With the motivation to showcase the captivating world of finance for others as less intimidating, I undertook the ambitious task of creating TokenAcademy.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

TokenAcademy is an educational platform striving to catalyze transformative change by providing knowledge and skills in technology and finance. In practice, it offers courses comprising 120 lessons, presented in over 120 languages. The courses are designed in an easy-to-understand language, ensuring accessibility for individuals globally. The inclusion of incoming videos enhances the learning experience, making complex topics more digestible. Beyond education, TokenAcademy operates TokenToday, a news platform with a dedicated team of nine professionals. This platform delivers weekly news and resources, keeping the audience updated on the latest developments in the dynamic realms of technology and finance. Together, these components form a comprehensive approach, empowering individuals with finance in order for them to learn and experiment from the constantly evolving components that shape finance, such as CBDCs, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, etc.

How has it been spreading?

Over the past 10 months, since TokenAcademy was established, TokenAcademy's reach has extended globally, with courses available in 120 languages, ensuring accessibility. Through strategic presence online alongside partnerships, it has attracted over 1000 visitors, with 100 registered users benefiting from its educational resources. The platform's presence on LinkedIn, with 350+ followers, further amplifies its impact. TokenAcademy's broad approach, combining diverse languages, strategic partnerships, and a robust online presence, has spread due to a substantial audience, contributing to its mission of empowering individuals in technology and finance.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To explore, TokenAcademy is dedicated to free education. With a simple click, you can access TokenToday, the news platform under its umbrella. Registering on the website (for free) unlocks a range of strategically organized courses, providing a seamless journey through specialized knowledge, where each lesson has bolded keywords alongside images, followed by a short quiz with a certificate.

Spread of the innovation

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