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How do you enable continual assessment and make the learning process transparent?

The House of Learning

Marker Helsinki, Finland
The House of Learning is a digital assessment tool for continual feedback for both students and teachers. It enables the student to build a personalized learning path by finding their own interests and strengths. The House of Learning makes the learning process visible in a visual and inclusive way.

What is it all about?

“The House of Learning truly supports the student's growth into humanity and lifelong learning.”

In Finland, the schools’ assessment culture is undergoing a major change, driven by the reformed national core curriculum - also responding to shifts in working life and lifelong learning.

The purpose of assessment is to promote learning. Taking this into account, the assessment must provide guidance and encouragement for the student to steer their learning process in the direction they seek, believing and trusting in their own ability to learn.

Previously, the focus of assessment has been mainly on grades and it has been carried out by the teacher. Students do not necessarily always have an understanding of what the grade they get is made up of and therefore do not have the opportunity to influence factors influencing it. The student's assessment of their own knowledge or skills has hardly been consulted or included in the teacher’s assessment.

Assessment today should emphasize self-assessment skills and other methods such as peer and group assessments. The emphasis on summative and end-product evaluation has also shifted to continual assessment – assessing learning and skills.

By explaining the goals and the learning process, the student understands the direction in which they are heading and what skills they need to achieve these goals. They are also able to track and become aware of their own learning and development and to influence the overall assessment by participating in it. This way, students are able to take ownership of learning, which also increases engagement and motivation. 

The pedagogy behind The House of Learning supports a new kind of learning and assessment culture. It was developed as a concrete pedagogical tool for learning a new assessment culture, for both the teacher and the student. The goals are made transparent and planning collaborative learning and tracking students’ progress is made possible.

In The House of Learning, each student practices planning and tracking their own learning and developing their self-assessment skills. A personalized learning path can be created under the guidance of a teacher and supported by guardians, all the way from pre-school to the last year of elementary school.

The House of Learning can be used to achieve a single subjects' objectives, transversal competences, for assessment, as well as making learning processes of multidisciplinary modules visible.

The steps provide you with guidelines for implementing The House of Learning, its different functions, focal points and benefits to the user.

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Intended Outcomes
6 - 15
Age Group
Resources Needed
An electronic device (mobile phone, tablet or computer), service fee
HundrED Criteria
The innovation is a unique digital tool for evolving the assessment culture.
Students, teachers and guardians gain a better understanding of the evolving assessment culture.
The service is in beta phase and will be available soon in both Finnish and English.

See this innovation in action.

The House of Learning was built by teachers for their own need to create a framework to deploy the new curriculum into the everyday life.
Teacher Schedules – Oppimisen Talo


Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

About The House of Learning
Get to know the background, makers and pedagogy behind The House of Learning.
Read more
The House of Learning as a tool
Discover the The House of Learning with a short presentation video.
Read more
Getting started
The House of Learning is provided to schools as a service. Schools are not required to buy any additional software nor make infrastructure commitments. The House can be used with existing computers, tablets and smartphones.
Read more
House of Learning Pedagogy Training
You can request a House of Learning pedagogy training session for your school.
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The Benefits
The House of Learning benefits students, teachers as well as guardians.
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Kati Nevatalo
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