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Teacher Voice: Empower and Elevate

Shaping Success: Reflect, Refine, Rise Together

In today's fast-paced educational environment, the challenge of personalized professional development for teachers often goes unmet, leaving educators either overwhelmed or under-challenged. Enter our innovative practice through Toddle: 'Sonali's PYP Classroom.' This platform revolutionizes teacher development by treating teachers as learners in their own right. By assigning differentiated profess


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Target group
February 2024
1. Empowered Educators: At the heart of this innovation is the empowerment of teachers. Improved Student Learning Experiences and Outcomes: Ultimately, the innovation aims to positively impact student learning experiences and outcomes. By supporting teachers in their professional growth, students benefit from more knowledgeable, responsive, and innovative educators.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Filling the Personalization Gap:
In many educational settings, professional development opportunities are often one-size-fits-all, failing to consider the individual strengths, needs, and areas for growth of each teacher. 'Sonali's PYP Classroom' was created to bridge this gap by offering personalized learning paths for teachers, ensuring that each educator receives support and resources tailored

What does your innovation look like in practice?

. Initial Reflection Post-PD Session:
The journey begins with teachers engaging in a professional development (PD) session focused on Approaches to Teaching (ATT) within the Primary Years Programme (PYP). Following this session, teachers are prompted to reflect deeply on their own teaching practices in relation to what they've just learned. This reflection is not a cursory glance but a thoughtful consideration of where they currently stand with their ATT goals and where they aspire to be.

2. Meeting with the PYP Coordinator:
Armed with insights from their reflection, teachers then meet with the PYP coordinator. This meeting is crucial as it's a time for open dialogue, where teachers can voice their reflections, ask questions, and express specific areas where they feel they need support. It's a collaborative session where both the teacher and the PYP coordinator work together to identify the most effective paths for professional growth.

3. Setting Personalized Goals and Support Plans:

How has it been spreading?

We introduced it at the start of the academic year. Sonale teachers have already had their one-on-one session with the PYPC

If I want to try it, what should I do?

You can use this resource or create your own and choose any suitable platform to share it with staff.

Implementation steps

Create a Toddle Classroom. Add Teachers as Students
Initiate: Log into your Toddle account and navigate to the section where you can create a new class.
Set Up: Choose a class name that reflects the purpose, such as "Professional Development Hub" or a more personalized name like "Sonali's PYP Classroom." Invite Participants: Use the platform's invite feature to add teachers to your class. You may need their email addresses or a unique code provided by Toddle.
Orientation: Once added, consider hosting a brief orientation session (virtually or in-p
Utilize ClassStream for Targeted PD Resources
Assign Resources: Through the ClassStream feature, share targeted professional development resources tailored to the individual or collective needs of the teachers. This could include articles, videos, online courses, or interactive modules.
Organize Content: Categorize resources by topic, difficulty level, or ATT goals to facilitate easy navigation.
Share ATT Goals and Reflection Sheets Electronically
Distribute Materials: Upload and share documents related to the Approaches to Teaching (ATT) goals, including descriptions, examples, and reflection sheets.
Guide Reflection: Provide clear instructions on how teachers should use these materials to reflect on their practice and identify areas for growth.
Meet the Teachers. Set Observation Dates
Schedule Meetings: Arrange one-on-one meetings with each teacher to discuss their reflections, goals, and the support they need. This can be done in person or through a video call.
Collaborate on Goals: Use these meetings to co-construct personalized professional development targets and success criteria. Together with each teacher, decide on a suitable date for classroom observation. Ensure this process is seen as supportive rather than evaluative.
Reflect on the Journey. Continuous Support and Growth
After the observation, meet again with the teacher to discuss the experience, highlighting strengths and areas for further development.
Reflect and Adjust: Encourage teachers to complete a final reflection on their journey, using a structured template that prompts them to consider their growth and set new goals. Keep the momentum going by regularly updating the resources on Toddle, scheduling follow-up observations, and offering continuous support.
Celebrate Progress: Recognize and celebrate the

Spread of the innovation

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