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A platform for planning your instruction and everyday collaboration

Teacher's Lesson

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Teacher’s Lesson ( is a platform for developing teaching within the school, and across school and municipal boundaries. The platform facilitates teachers’ day-to-day work. Teachers can plan their lessons and courses alone or together and share their plans with other teachers.
Many school development projects are slowed down by platforms for sharing that the schools have to create and maintain themselves. By using Teacher’s Lesson, you can focus on the essentials, that is, producing content.

Janne Korsimo and Marko Mäenpää


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Updated on February 1st, 2021
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What is it all about?

Schools often fund teaching and education development by grants and project funding, but often projects only concern a small part of the school's everyday life. At the same time, teachers develop their work outside these projects as a part of their day-to-day work - often alone.

Each week, teachers plan lessons according to the same curriculum topics, for the same grades, with the same goals. Nationally, teachers have enormous potential, but imparting ideas and innovations is slow. There are no existing structures or resources for teacher collaboration.

A considerable amount of time and money are spent annually for the sake of better teaching and education, but new practices spread from teacher to teacher on a very small scale. New ideas and practices are scattered across platforms that are not specifically designed for teaching or are in closed local government platforms. Additionally, sharing learning content with students is often labor-intensive.

Teacher’s Lesson is a platform designed for teachers, that makes it easy to plan and manage learning material. The idea is that lesson plans and ideas shared by other teachers will lower the threshold for experimenting with new teaching methods. This is how the best teaching practices and methods are imparted.

Teacher’s Lesson makes day-to-day collaboration between teachers possible without any extra work. It provides tools for planning instruction and makes sharing plans with students easier. Teacher’s Lesson can be used as a platform for collaboration within the school or with other schools and municipalities.

Teacher’s Lesson provides many useful features for teachers, such as:

  • Planning courses, study modules and lessons, as well as scheduling

  • Documenting pedagogical observations, adding them to your plans and updating them annually

  • Linking your own material or materials found on the web with your plans

  • Writing down instructions and sharing them with your students easily alongside their curricula

  • Collaborating with other teachers and colleagues from other schools and municipalities

  • Tools for co-planning and updating theme days at your school

  • Searching for content, for example, by keyword, subject, and grade level


HundrED Academy Review


The platform combines important tools needed in teachers’ work for improving collaboration.


Teachers’ collaboration and day-to-day work is made easier.


Translating the platform into different languages and introducing it in different education systems requires some customization.


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May 2019
December 2017
Finland 100
June 2017
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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Contacting Teacher’s Lesson
Contact Teacher’s Lesson if you’re interested.
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The initial meeting and requesting a quote
Define the following things in the initial meeting: technical requirements for initializing the platform, desired changes to the service and the level of required technical support.
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Making a contract
Teacher’s Lesson will send you an offer for approval, in accordance with decisions made in the meeting.
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Translation and initialization
The platform is implemented in the destination country for piloting and a group is chosen for pilot experimentation. The service is translated into the target language.
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Training the piloting groups
Initially, about 5 to 10 schools will be selected for the piloting phase and teachers are trained in Teacher’s Lesson’s core functions. Possible modifications that may come up during the piloting phase will be carried out in accordance with the contract.
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Expanding the platform
After the piloting phase, the service will be extended to cover the whole country, according to the contract.
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