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Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
Children spend one day of the school week outside reconnecting to nature and themselves through innovation, imagination and creativity.

Talking Tree Hill One Day School

Auckland, New Zealand
One day spent re-imagining education a week. We restructure the school week to incorporate one day of learning outside, focusing children on becoming Outdoor Awesomepreneurs. Learning to love nature before protecting her. Focusing on skills to thrive as compassionate, conscious, creative humans. They explore and learn what makes their hearts, bodies and minds sing. Healthy children+Healthy Planet = Re-imagining Education.

Let it go...

“Talking Tree Hill is an outdoor educational facility based on gorgeous Waiheke island. We combine the wacky conscious creativity of Dr Seuss, the heart and soul of forest and bush Schools, the entrepreneurship and innovation of the Green School and the beauty of Reggio Emilia.”

Kirsten Simmons

We’ve been observing what makes children’s imaginations and hearts sing for years. Our one day school is what children and the planet need to grow. 

We challenge a child to be them. Outdoor spaces let children ‘sit in their element’…creating, innovating, moving, laughing and loving. This is what kids do best and they need space to just do it! Lets educate this way.

We need pioneers to be involved in re-imaging education. With amazing educational enthusiasts and advisors we are creating an outdoor curriculum based around what we think children need to learn now, so they can be their best selves in the future.

A day is spent creating and innovating and developing entrepreneurial skills.... music & art, creating eco-friendly passion projects, practising yoga/meditation/mindfulness, growing food & caring for animals, experiencing bush, farm and forest schools, and importantly laughing. All this is geared towards maintaining the healthy minds & bodies of our children in a world built on kindness, respect and integrity. A day of breathing out and smiling at the world around them. Spending time with experts who know how to nurture and let children's authentic selves shine!.

Our one day school has a place based education system supported by inspired teachers who know what children need to flourish!  A day spent outside learning about the essence of the land they are exploring, and how we keep it and  themselves healthy. 

Children will learn to calm the farm...they will learn to quieten their minds, refocus and learn skills for how to help their minds and bodies function healthily. They will learn to respect themselves, others, animals and the planet and become grounded in who they are as a person, and what they give to the world. 

That means learning important skills: how do we speak kindly to each other? What fuels our bodies and minds? What does the planet need now? How do we build a sustainable future? And most importantly how can we do all of this for free? Well, its all inside of us, we just need to make sure we tap into our own resources and bring out the best that we can!

Children will share, communicate, collaborate and think about their impact on the world. 

They will gain confidence in their abilities, be risk takers, care about themselves and others. 

They will learn that who they are matters, nurture self belief and integrity. 

They will get dirty, run, laugh, climb, jump, do cool stuff that makes them flourish and burst with pride.

All in all, children spend loads of time outside being kids! At the end of it all they will have become Outdoor Awesomepreneurs whom will shape a net positive future. And it just takes one day of change...


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3 - 18
Age Group
3 343
Tips for implementation
Access to outdoor space, basic tools and natural resources.
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We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to send our daughter to this school one day a week. Although she is meeting academic standards at school; she is building confidence, resilience, compassion, initiative and so much more at Talking Tree Hill. Most importantly though is that she is having fun under the leadership of world-class teachers.
Charlotte Perry
Cant say enough about Kirsten and the talking tree hill program. The program is innovative , connecting kids with nature and her community. She has created a unique program where kids have an opportunity to connect with themselves and their surroundings. Thru this they create a respect that permeates through their lives.
I wish every child could benefit from the fun, warmth and wisdom, the grounded and grounding inward and outward looking, that goes on with the people, the experiences and the rapidly evolving place that is Talking Tree Hill.
Michaela Hendry
Wow, why aren't there more places like this! There are so many things I love about it. It's bringing kids back to nature, letting them have fun, creating a new wave of earth conscious capable kids, helping the planet one kid at a time.
Kate O'Connell


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