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Cherish Learning

Growing Healthy Young Minds

Cherish addresses the growing mental health crisis amongst young people through a preventive, promotive, inclusive, international approach. Children (ages 5-11) and also their classroom adults receive short, daily, easy-to-use wellbeing experiences. Cherish fits seamlessly into the school day; it has been found to enhance learning, increase calm and teach wellbeing skills, knowledge and attitudes.


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May 2024
Cherish promotes wellbeing as a core part of our education system, enabling children to flourish (individually and interdependently); we develop skills, knowledge and attitudes as preventive mental health tools. We hope to see this spread to thousands of schools internationally as Cherish becomes a catalyst to position wellbeing at the core of international education systems.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The global mental health crisis is growing, stopping children from performing their best in school and flourishing in life. Preventative strategies exist but are not used consistently or effectively.

Cherish stems from Tracy's 30+ years of international teaching and mindfulness coaching, her experience of the lack of support for wellbeing or life skills and our knowledge that we can change this.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Cherish is a fun series of short, daily videos for elementary classrooms that incorporate the latest in neuroscientific research about how children learn best. Our focus is on powerful storytelling and experiential practice; we support students and staff simultaneously, creating a wellbeing meta language throughout the school.

Cherish is highly international, diverse and inclusive by design; it supports children between ages 5–11 to flourish. Our videos have been created in schools; rigorous feedback data and testimonials have been collected and analysed. 100% of teachers in our trial had favourable comments about the intervention, identifying positive impacts on the participants.

Feedback found that Cherish fits seamlessly into a busy school day, blending into any curriculum / school ethos. Students frequently tell us how they love this start to their day. Cherish not only creates a sense of calm, develops individual wellbeing skills, but also enhances learning in school.

How has it been spreading?

Since inception two years ago, Cherish has been trialled in two phases across four schools.

Quantitative and qualitative data was collected from students and educators and anecdotal data from headteachers and parents. All has been overwhelmingly positive. Data collation and analysis formed a Master’s degree dissertation.

The Cherish trial was then extended to sales in 7 schools in England and a new trial in a large international school in Austria, all with consistently positive feedback. We have plans afoot to spread Cherish widely.

The team behind Cherish continues to grow and exciting new technological developments are in the pipeline, including, in the short-term embracing Ai tools to enhance the personalisation of content and in the longer-term VR for a more immersive experience.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To find out more about Cherish, visit our website:, where you can watch a video of Cherish in action in schools, hear from teachers and headteachers, read some of our many testimonials and contact us.

Implementation steps

Changing young lives globally through effective, effort-free, daily wellbeing practice.
It is as easy as connecting with us at Cherish and setting up a highly affordable annual license for your school.
Incredibly easy to use - benefitting classroom adults and students together.
Teaching experiential wellbeing practise to both educators and children takes only a few classroom minutes each day with Cherish. Teachers need no prior experience – simply a willingness to 'click play’ and to learn, experience and benefit alongside their students.
Join a growing number of schools that are "really engaged and focused" (teacher)
As Cherish "impacts so positively" (headteacher), your school can join others in collecting positive mental health data, experience how "learning is much more enriched because the children are in a much better headspace to learn" (teacher) and hear about how children feel "good about myself", "much calmer", "helped me sleep", "think of myself being successful in life", "helped me control my temper" and so much more.

Spread of the innovation

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