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Level Up Student Mental Health with Game Psychology

SuperBetter empowers mental health, resilience & social-emotional learning with the psychology of game play. The SuperBetter Classroom product brings the gameful methodology to life with students. Published studies show SuperBetter improves resilience and reduces anxiety & depression. The World Economic Forum named SuperBetter a Top Innovator in Youth Mental Health.


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Target group
April 2024
Teachers are on the front lines of the youth mental health crisis. They see the negative impact on their students everyday. We hope that teachers around the world are empowered with a practical & engaging classroom tool that helps them play a bigger role to end the youth mental health crisis and equip their students for success in their life & career.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The SuperBetter Classroom product was created to offer schools a practical & engaging way to improve student mental health, resilience & social-emotional skills. Treatment alone won't end the youth mental health crisis. We need to empower skills & resources that reduce anxiety & depression prevalence. SuperBetter fills the gap for prevention that his evidence-based, accessible & globally scalable.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

SuperBetter is differentiated by its Live Gamefully® methodology, a mental framework that uses game psychology to increase resilience and empower student success. The tech-enabled platform makes it easy for teachers to bring the gameful methodology to life in their classrooms.

Teachers reinforce the gameful language & methodology in the classroom, and by hosting challenges that students complete on the SuperBetter app.

Teachers use a web-based Host dashboard to form student squads and host SuperBetter challenges for them. They select challenges from a library or create their own. The challenges improve social, emotional, mental & physical resilience skills. Squad challenges have 5-days of activities to achieve its goal. Students spend ~10 minutes a day completing real life activities prompted by the SuperBetter app (iOS, Android, web). Teachers can allocate classroom time and also use a flipped classroom model to have students complete activities outside of class.

How has it been spreading?

Over 1 million people have played SuperBetter. The classroom product was introduced last year and is spreading by word of mouth. SuperBetter also has a TED Talk with 9 million views (Jane McGonigal's 'The Game That Can Give You Ten Extra Years of Life') and a NY Times best selling book - SuperBetter, The Power of Living Gamefully that are popular with educators and create awareness and excitement for SuperBetter and our classroom innovation.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Teachers can visit to learn about the classroom product, watch demo videos, read about the science, and subscribe to a Host account for their classroom. Schools and other organizations can schedule a presentation and demo by sending an email to

Implementation steps

Learn about SuperBetter
Review the demo videos on the website. Optionally, watch Jane McGonigal's SuperBetter TED Talk. Read about the published studies and how it works.
Subscribe to a Host account at
Select a plan based on the number of students who will participate.
Create your Student Squads
Add your students as players in the web-based host account, using their email address. Create your first squad by giving it a name and selecting its players. You can create a squad for the whole class, and for sub-groups within the class.
Have Students Create Their SuperBetter Account
Students can download the SuperBetter app from the app store. Or they can create an account on the web app at They can play squad challenges you host on a free Player account, or with a Hero account that also lets them play SuperBetter on their own. They will find your invitations to join squad challenges in their app. If they have not yet created a SuperBetter account they will receive the invitation by email with a link to create their account.
Introduce SuperBetter to Your Students
Explain that SuperBetter is a mental framework that uses game psychology to overcome obstacles & achieve goals in everyday life. Share the 7 SuperBetter rules and discuss them. Have students read the science card for each rule by clicking the science icon at the top of their secret lab in the app. Have students watch the SuperBetter TED Talk to build excitement & interest. Find it at by searching for Jane McGonigal and selecting 'The Game That Can Give You Ten Extra Years of Life'.
Have Students Take the 'How Gameful Are You?' Quiz
Students will find the quiz in their secret lab. It is a 20-question assessment that measures 7 psychological strengths developed by playing SuperBetter. The 7 strengths are associated with higher resilience. Having students take the quiz right away establishes a baseline score. Then have your students retake the quiz about once a month to track progress. You can find aggregate squad scores in the squad analytics tab of your Host account.
Host your First Squad Challenge
Search the SuperBetter library for a squad challenge that meets your goals. There are over 90 challenges in the library that improve social, emotional, mental and physical resilience skills. Each challenge has 5-days of activities. Select a challenge to host, then select the squad, set a start date and end date, and send an invitation to the squad members. Optionally, you can create your own challenges to have your squads go for any epic win you choose.
Bring the SuperBetter Gameful Language to Life in the Classroom
Use the SuperBetter language (e.g. epic wins, bad guys, quests, power-ups, allies, etc.) in the classroom to foster a culture of thriving & resilience, and reinforce the gameful mental framework. Get creative! For example, have students complete a quest together or check in with an ally in class. Consider having a bulletin board to share favorite power-ups and having students talk about, or write a reflection about one of the week's bad guys they battled.
Monitor Squad Performance
Students will spend about 10 minutes a day completing the activities on their SuperBetter app. Their daily goal is to 'Win the Day' which means completing a quest, battling a bad guy, activating 3 power-ups and checking in with an ally. In your Host account, you can track to see which students accepted the invitation to join the challenge and which days they 'Won the Day'.

Spread of the innovation

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