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Engaging hands-on science education for 3-8-year-olds with online guidance for educators and parents

Kide Science

location_on Helsinki, Finland
Kide Science develops young children’s scientific thinking skills through engaging hands-on experiments that solve real science problems. Its scalable online platform provides teachers and parents with training and story-based lesson plans to lead playful STEAM education for 3-8 year-olds.
PhD Jenni Vartiainen, Founder of Kide Science & Researcher at the University of Helsinki
Educators feel that planning science activities is difficult and even if they have well-developed knowledge in science they struggle to introduce science in a way that is appropriate for young children. We have solution for that.

PhD Jenni Vartiainen, Founder of Kide Science & Researcher at the University of Helsinki


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Updated on August 9th, 2022
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Scientific Thinking Skills - Highway to a Better Future

Our contemporary society is going through groundbreaking changes. Never before has the climate warmed as quickly as it does now, and access to information has never been as open as it is now. What skills and knowledge children will need to cope in the future? 

Science and technology strongly drive the change in our society. Not only will we need more people who strive towards science and technology-related careers, but more importantly, we will need remarkably more people who are able to think scientifically and critically to back up their daily decisions with scientific knowledge. 

Kide Science is a Finnish pedagogical STEAM innovation that provides educators and parents with top quality and scalable curriculum materials to implement early science education in a playful way. Kide Science's pedagogy is grounded on rigorous scientific research by our founder PhD Jenni Vartiainen, and follows the acknowledged Finnish philosophy on early education. When children do science with the Kide curriculum, they feel like they're playing and enjoying themselves, while in fact, they are building highly important skills needed in the scientific process and thinking. For educators and parents, Kide Science is an easy plug-and-play method to ensure that children will gain the skills needed in the future. 

Kide Science uses storytelling as a powerful tool to motivate children to participate in science activities. The story world of Kide sessions is free of cultural stamps because it stems from the imaginary world called Supraland, located in a different dimension. In Supraland forests are made from crystals and animals are geometric shapes, for instance. That kind of world celebrates children’s natural curiosity and imagination without binding it to a specific cultural environment.  Through play, children will be able to relate scientific concepts and practices to their cultural worlds and therefore, make science relevant for themselves. 

Kide Science has online platform for educators and parents in English, Chinese and Finnish. In Finland Kide Science founders have co-created also a science TV show series "Tiedonjyvä"  (Reach 300  000 families) with Finland’s national public service broadcaster. Kide Science has also published children´s book series "Tiedeseikkailu" (25 000 books) with Sanoma. 


HundrED Academy Review

Feeling and acting like real scientists (or writers, or mathematicians, or historians…) is key to the development of the 21st century skills.

- HundrED Academy Member

I love the holistic nature of the curriculum and that it is play based for younger children.

- HundrED Academy Member
Kide Science is an innovative program to foster a love of science in children. It applies a world-class, research-based pedagogical model from Finland for early Science education for 3-to-8 year-olds all over the world. It has been rapidly scaling since 2017 and is showing a high degree of traction all over the world.
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Achievements & Awards

September 2022
Winner of the EdTech Cup 2022
September 2022
Winner of the Early Childhood & Family Tech Shark Tank
June 2022
Winner of the Best Education Solution from Finland
May 2022
TOP 10 UNICEF EdTech Finalist
May 2022
EdTech Category runner-up in Extreme Tech Challenge
January 2022
The most promising women founders in European Edtech by FEF
January 2022
Elite 200 EdTech by GSV Ventures
January 2022
60 + locations in the UK with Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries
November 2021
HundrED 2022
October 2021
Regional Winner of the DACH & Nordics region of the Super Connect for Good 2021
September 2021
TOP50 most innovative edtech companies in the Nordic-Baltic region by HolonIQ
August 2021
Global Winner for Top Tier Impact Awards
May 2021
The highest rated science resource for primary schools
March 2021
TOP10 European Startups shaking up the EdTech Sector in 2021
March 2021
200 TOP Women Leading Global EdTech by Holon IQ
February 2021
TOP 10 EdTech Companies to Watch (2021) by Edarabia
January 2021
On the Cover of THIS IS FINLAND Magazine
November 2020
Winner of Play & Learn innovation for Creative Business Hub
November 2020
Teacher Choice Award 2020 from EdTech Impact
November 2020
HundrED 2021 Innovation
October 2020
Hybrid Learning Award - Reimagine Education - Shortlisted
August 2020
TOP 50 Nordic-Baltic EdTech - chosen by Holon IQ
April 2020
Covid-19 product launch for homes
March 2020
Kide Science in 200 kindergartens locations in Finland
February 2020
GESS Education Awards Finalist 2020
December 2019
Hundred 2020 innovation
October 2019
Nordic Startup Awards - National Finalist
September 2019
Winner of TechBBQ EdTech Pitching Competition
June 2019
EdTechXGlobal Start Up Super League finalist 2019
May 2019
Book series in Finland with 20 000 activity books for families
February 2019
TV show series on Finland’s national public service broadcaster with reach of 300 000 families
December 2018
Winner of Slush's XcitEd competion
September 2018
GESA Scandinavian Finalist & 1st runner up
September 2018
UN-based World Summit Awards Winner from Finland
May 2018
Pedagogical Quality Certificate from Kokoa Standard

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