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So You Think You Can Muuv?

A dance workshop that inspires young people to move

The dance workshop aims to combat lack of students’ physical activity, which has been on the rise in nearly all welfare states. The purpose of the dance workshops is to inspire all students to move open-mindedly: all movement is dance and everyone has the right express themselves through movement. Dance not only gets young people excited about moving, but also encourages self-expression and boosts class spirit.

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March 2017
Young people need motivation to move. For motivation to arise, inspiration is needed. Dance workshops are designed to serve as inspiration for young people.

About the innovation

What is it all about?

Dance provides young people an experience of agency. With dance, young people not only challenge themselves physically, but also by learning to work in a group. It also helps overcome preconceived ideas about your own body. In addition, working in a group will increase a sense of togetherness among the group.

Dancing is a great foundation, as it supports a positive attitude towards your own body.

In dance, motion is combined with music, allowing the expression of emotions that cannot be put into words. Dance increases not only physical, but also to mental and social well-being. Dance and movement improve the student's social self-image as the student feels that they are accepted as part of a group.

So You Think You Can Muuv? is a dance workshop concept based on introducing ways of moving where students are encouraged to be physically active on their terms.

During the workshop, professional dancers will show how fun and easy moving can be. The workshop's focal points are high-quality dance performances and an encouraging approach to young people's own physical activity.

The positive experience created by the dance workshop will support well-being and lead toward an active lifestyle. During dance workshops, it is important that each student can move and express themselves in accordance with their own starting level, skill level and willingness. The primary goal is to get students to experiment with something new with an open mind, and to introduce them through the art of dance to the world of expressing movement

Someone’s example can be of great influence and the meaning of role models is emphasized when it comes to young people. Professional dancers present their skills at the beginning of the workshop and thus act as strong examples for the students. The intention isn’t for all students to become professional dancers, but the main goal is to inspire them to move. By setting students an example they are encouraged and willing to try new things. In addition, with the help of professionals, students get will understand that their own level is adequate and that their ideas can be good.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability


Dance supports creativity, body awareness and helps overcome prejudices.


Dance workshops support students’ creativity and guide them towards different hobbies.


The dance workshop can be organized anywhere in collaboration with local dance professionals.

Implementation steps

Beginning collaboration
You can organize a dance workshop with a local dance organization or dance instruction provider.

The teacher contacts the potential partner and proposes collaborating, if there are no workshops available. It is good to choose coordinators for the activity from both within the school as well as from the workshop provider.

For example
In Finland, Finland's National Opera and Ballet and Ballet Finland have organized The So You Think You Can Muuv? workshop.

Preparations for the dance workshop
Remember the following when preparing a dance workshop:


1) Book facilities for the workshop. For example, sports halls are well suited.

2) Go through the instructions of the audio equipment, arrival, and other potential issues with the dance instructors.

3) Inform the entire school about the workshop and invite everyone to watch the dance performance at the beginning of the workshop.

4) Inform the students to bring suitable clothing for exercise. You can show up in jeans, but moving around is more comfortable in flexible clothing.

5) Only reveal the necessities - it's important that students don’t know the actual content before the workshop, so it will be as surprising as possible for them.

The structure of the So You Think You Can Muuv? Dance workshop
A good length for a workshop is about an hour - in that time you can learn enough, create your own choreographies without the students becoming bored.

The workshop consists of the following:

1) Dance performance (10 minutes)
The whole school can be the audience.

2) Group session, about one hour
During this time, the kids will be able to try out the motion material used in the performance together with dancers.

3) Dance Battle
The group is divided into two and the students get to to plan a dance performance for each other. Finally, students showcase their new talents to the other group in a so-called dance battle, accompanied by music and lighting effects.

During the dance battle, remember these:
- Music and lighting have great significance in creating a mood
- Remember that all movement is dancing

- An encouraging approach is of great importance for inspiration
- Young people are excited to compete. There is no need to be afraid of the other team winning.

Remarks to the teacher:
- The role of teachers is to just sit back and observe and to intervene only in cases of disruptive behavior

Remarks to the organizer of the workshop:
- The organizer is responsible for making sure equipment (audio, lighting etc.) works during the workshop
- The organizer is responsible for instructing the workshop

Spread of the innovation

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